Saturday, July 27, 2013

What is Manic Depression?

Manic depression is related with high mood swings from an overly high to an overly low or the depressed state. It is medically termed as bipolar disorder which identifies the mood swings of a person. It is considered to be a brain disorder which is responsible for the unusual changes that take place in the body. It can affect both men and women at any age. There is more probability of getting this when you have a family history of having bipolar disorder.

The extreme mood swings put them in a very depressed state often. They have the sensation of frustration, anger, sadness, feeling of guilt, and hopeless. They tend to be hyper active and grandiose at times. They have a mixed state where the symptoms of bipolar disorder and depression occur at the same time.

  • The mood swings occur in cycles. It is during this interval, people are able to do their works properly and lead a normal life.

  • manic depression can affect the personal relationships in family and results in a chaos. It can make the individuals to lose money, job, confidence and all that they have in life.

  • Extreme conditions of manic depression might lead to unacceptable aggressive behavior. The near and dear ones might find it extremely difficult to cope up with the problems.

  • When it persists, this might become a life threatening problem. It can very well kindle the thoughts of suicidal attempts and also to acts of homicide in rare cases.

  • They try to become drug addicts to escape from the ill effects from mania which is highly dangerous.
    This problem might start at the late teen age and should be treated earlier. There are various effective treatment methods available in most of the leading rehabilitation centers. Any disease is curable when treated with effective medication and care.

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