Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Is There a Link Between Depression and Provigil?

Depression and Provigil are two words you might hear together after recent depression studies. The studies showed that the medication can be used to treat depression where the patient has been previously treated nearly successfully with antidepressants and where the patient suffers from tiredness.

One of the most common symptoms of depression is fatigue, so it isn't unusual that scientists decided to try and connect provigil and depression. After all, provigil is used to treat extreme sleepiness such as in narcolepsy (the sleeping disease). It has also proved its usefulness treating the weariness that so often accompanies depression, but in combination with an antidepressant therapy.

Many treatments for the sleepiness caused by depression react badly with antidepressants, but provigil combines well with most majorly used prescription medications used for treating depression. The side effects may be present with or without a companion antidepressant, however.

Depression and provigil may not be ideal bedfellows. The side effects of the medication include headaches and nervousness which may actually worsen the symptoms of depression. Depression and provigil are an increasingly popular combo that doctors love because it makes their patients more alert and active. Instead of spending the day sleeping off the depression, they are able to get up and do things, which is a step in the right direction, however medicated you are.

Provigil has other more severe side effects as well, which may mean that depression and provigil are not meant to be. Symptoms such as nausea and infections have been reported. While headaches might be tolerated, anxiety and nervousness are less likely to be chalked up to the good of the medicine.

Insomnia is another unpleasant effect that may result from combining provigil and depression. Most depression patients do not tolerate insomnia well, since it gives them too much time to think about being depressed and how bad life is, one of the primary reasons depressives sleep so much.

Instead of combining Provigil and depression, some patients are turning to more natural methods of reducing sleepiness. Herbs such as hops and ginkgo biloba not only reduce the likelihood of sleep disorders, they also promote mental clarity and alertness. Ginkgo biloba has also been linked to stress reduction resulting in a drop in anxiety levels, the opposite effect of depression and provigil.

Valerian root extract is another natural treatment for sleep disorders and is useful for treating depression-related sleep problems. Combined with Siberian ginseng (a natural stimulant) and the other herbs mentioned above, it is a powerful natural method of treating sleep issues. Use of herbs to treat depression nearly eliminates the need for the combination of depression and provigil.

While doctors will always prescribe medications such as provigil in an attempt to relieve the assorted symptoms of depression, the side effects can be overwhelming. For this reason, many victims of depression are exploring their options, looking for alternative methods of relief. For some, a good supplement that combines the above mentioned herbs along with vitamins and minerals essential to mental health is the answer they are looking for.

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