Friday, July 26, 2013

2 Little Known Causes of Depression

Among the many causes of depression are 2 little known causes - "highly unlikely" as in, one does not normally associate depression with the component in question.

The First Little Known Cause: Oral Contraceptives

Among these, birth control pills have recently come under scrutiny as a possible cause, with previously "normal" women (and teens) reporting symptoms such as:

• Unrelieved pessimism
• Exhaustion
• Deep sadness
• Crying
• Stress

The big tip-off that the depression may be caused by contraceptives? A lack of the sleep disorders or appetite changes such as anorexia (loss of appetite) or carbohydrate/sugar cravings that usually accompanies most types of depression.

When one starts to realize that some of these symptoms mimic pregnancy or postpartum depression, things start to make sense. Studies further confirmed that almost half the number of women studied for depression associated with oral contraceptives test as deficient in vitamin B6 (pyridoxine.)

When treated with vitamin B6, the depressed woman's moods noticeably improved.

If this sounds as if it might be the cause of your depression, do see your doctor or naturopath to discuss B6 supplementation.

Keep in mind that dosage should not exceed 50 mg/day.

The Second Little Known Cause: Zinc Deficiency

Zinc is a mineral that provides crucial regulation for our genetic functions. When diets are zinc deficient over a long period of time, our genes don't "read" information the correct way. The results? Symptoms such as:

• Depression
• Frequent colds and sore throats
• Lack of appetite
• Lowered immune systems
• Frequent infections (compromised white blood cells)

One big clue to a possible zinc deficiency, apart from these symptoms? Faulty sense of taste and smell.

Before you rush out to dose yourself with Zinc, however, do consult your health professional. The optimum amount is tricky to determine for each individual, and it is possible to suffer from an overdose. Recommended zinc dosage for adults: 8mg per day.

Symptoms of Zinc toxicity include digestive difficulties, cramps and a bitter taste frequently described as "metallic".

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