Monday, July 22, 2013

Nutritional Wonders - Can Omega 3 Fish Oil Treat Bipolar?

Can omega 3 fish oil treat bipolar question is an often asked question due to the part that psychiatrist community plays in claiming that omega 3 fatty acids that are highly available in fish oil is a satisfactory treatment for this sort of depression. It has shown in many tests that the omega 3 fish oil treat bipolar question is answered by the many positive effects that fish oil has on the disorder and the ability it has to alleviate symptoms associated with bipolar depression.

However, this depression is not an easy thing to treat at all and omega 3 fish oil treat bipolar is by no means a cure so if you are a bipolar depression sufferer, it is best to seek the advice of your medical professional as it can sometimes be very severe. With that said however, omega 3 fish oil treat bipolar is gaining popularity from the many studies that are currently being conducted.

One study in particular done by the Institute of Psychiatry did a test on 75 patients of both sexes and gave some of them a light dose, a heavy dose and a placebo to accurately see all possible outcomes. What they discovered was that of the 75 patients, the ones taking a light dose were affected the same as those that were given a heavy dose with the only side effect being that of a stomach ache. There were no significant results from the group that were given the placebo so this should answer the can omega 3 fish oil treat bipolar. Overall in comparison, the groups that had the light dose as well as the heavy dose of omega 3 fish oil supplement faired better than the placebo given group.

Hopefully this information has been able to help you on deciding some alternative and very healthy ways to treat depression or to aide in the treatment of depression however, before going out and purchasing your fish oils, there are a few key points you should keep in mind.

When deciding on your supplier of omega 3 fish oils it is necessary to know if that the product you are purchasing was molecularly distilled as this is the only known safest, most effective way to remove all of the toxins and contaminants while retaining all of the benefits and quality of the omega 3 fatty acids.

By molecular distillation, the product rendered is one of high grade and in fact, it is labeled 'pharmaceutical grade' and can be identified as such and have no toxins or other pollutants in them. It is of equal importance to ensure that the fish used in the process were harvested in clean waters and in the case of fish oils, New Zealand is one of the leaders in providing pharmaceutical grade, molecularly distilled fish oils.

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