Friday, March 8, 2013

Symptoms of Atypical Depression

Depression has many forms and one of them is called atypical depression. It is similar in some ways but differs in many as well. It can still completely interfere with a person's life but in different ways. For example, atypical depression symptoms include overeating versus not feeling hungry and hypersomnia instead of insomnia. If you have this condition you will most likely still feel lonely, sad and withdrawn. Atypical depression can interfere and destroy a persons life just like regular depression can and it should be treated as soon a possible. People with this condition describe themselves as feeling paralyzed and numb all over.

If you have atypical depression your arms and legs may feel extremely heavy and tired all the time. A person with atypical depression can feel better and their mood can improve when something good happens, but it doesn't usually last for very long. This is called mood reactivity. For instance, they can go out to a movie or a restaurant and have a great time and everything seems fine. However, when they are home or alone they will feel depressed again. It is believed that atypical depression usually begins affecting a person early in their life as opposed to the typical form of depression.

It is considered a chronic syndrome and can begin when a person reaches their teenage years. It is also believed that it can cause more functional impairment than you will find in people with other types of depression. Atypical depression can completely interfere with a person's social and professional life. It makes them feel useless and they avoid interacting with others because they are afraid of saying or doing something wrong that will get them negative attention. This condition tends to affect more women than it does men with about seventy percent of all cases reported being women. A person that suffers from atypical depression is more likely to have other disorders such as avoidant personality disorders, social phobias and panic attacks.

If you or someone you know may be suffering from atypical depression then make arrangements to see your doctor as soon a possible. When talking to your doctor you need to tell him or her all of your symptoms so you can be diagnosed correctly. For example, if you leave out the part about wanting to sleep all the time or that you stay hungry then he may believe you have a different form of depression. The same treatments can be used for different types of depression, but some things may be done differently so it is important to know which type you have. Receiving the right treatment is the key to having a normal happy life so you can enjoy all the things that you were meant to enjoy in life.

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