Thursday, March 7, 2013

Lithium Is Important for Everyone

Lithium is a trace metal that belongs to the family of alkali chemical elements. This is about using low dose over the counter lithium aspartate and lithium oratate. These are natural forms found at the health food store.

Can everyone tell the side effects of lithium lack?

Most clients describe to me a "flat line blah" feeling in their brain. They become easily angered when things don't go their way. They find it tough to enjoy or get excited over anything. Even when life is good they cannot figure out why they are not happy.

Is Lithium only for someone that has manic depression or bipolar issues?

The effects of Lithium are necessary for everyone. It is usually found in drinking water, yet some areas are extremely deficient. The effects of Lithium are not just for Bipolar or manic depressive issues. Sometimes the natural vitamin form of Lithium aspartate or oratate works where high dose prescriptions have given a bad reaction.

Lithium dosage explained:

Those utilizing low dose lithium aspartate or oratate feel that they are not depressed but lack pizazz in their lives. They see color but not its' vibrant attraction. They have a great life but don't really enjoy it. To me, that signals a trace mineral deficiency of Lithium that helps mild depression symptoms.

Over the counter natural lithium aspartate or oratate forms do not usually exceed a total of 20 mg. per day and are used for those that have had bad reactions to an anti-depressant, post natal depression symptoms and very low doses for the Blah Feeling and lack of enthusiasm towards life.

Therapeutic prescription lithium dosages can range around 300 to 2700 mg per day. They are used for manic depression and Bipolar and often cause a lithium toxicity level.

The higher intake amounts of Lithium, may want to check iodine levels as it helps the spreading of iodine evenly throughout the body. Keeping tabs on your Thyroid function is always a good thing especially when working on an Anti-Aging Program. Make sure you work with someone knowledgeable in the use of supplements or a Board Certified Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Functional Medicine MD.

What are the effects of Lithium in low doses?

Recent research has shown that low doses of Lithium preserves and renews our Brain Cells. Lithium aspartate and oratate are generally marketed as a dietary supplement. Low lithium dosages are used to help conditions such as:

  • Stress

  • Depression

  • Alcohol Use


  • Aggression

  • PTSD

  • Memory Problems

  • Mood Swings

  • Gout

Lithium dosage may increase brain function when taken on a daily basis. Lithium Aspartate can also be used as a natural treatment to help Thyroid problems. Lithium may sometimes be used as a parallel to any medication prescribed for anxiety, mood or depression. It protects against unwanted lithium toxicity effects and brain cell death.

The working hypothesis that researchers think is reasonable is that Lithium is turning on some of the Brain's growth signaling pathways and reversing some of the damage. Lithium is capable of increasing gray matter in the brain by 3% in just over 4 weeks of use (this from a Study at Wayne State University).

The need for small amounts may put back the vibrancy in colors and allow you to enjoy the life you have made for yourself. It is known to work rather quickly even in such low doses. If you feel you have more serious problems, consult your physician.

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