Monday, March 4, 2013

Signs That Someone You Love Is Depressed

Depression is something that many people face throughout their lives. There are many causes and even more ways in which it can effect an individual. No matter what type of depression someone has, though, they need to seek treatment for it. As someone looking into their world, you may not notice it right away. But, there are some signs and symptoms that can tell you to start paying attention a little better.

Here are some things to watch for in those that you love. If you see any of these things happening to your loved one, encourage them to seek help from a professional to safeguard their health.

o A withdrawal from any activities that they would normally participate in. This usually happens over time and can be something that becomes more and more frequent. Also, a withdrawal from the social scene that they are commonly part of is also a key factor.

o A sudden loss of weight, a loss of appetite, moody behavior and sudden change in life outlook can all be signs of depression especially when they worsen over time.

o Unhappy thoughts and feelings that come through in their everyday life. Not only with withdrawal but often with anger and crying as well.

o You can notice it in the way that they dress and care for their belongings and their feelings for others.

The most noticeable sign that someone is dealing with depression is simply a change in who they are and what they do throughout the course of a few months, weeks or even longer. They will pull back from the things that they enjoy and do and will become more out of the loop.

In any of these cases it is important for you, as their loved one, to help them to seek the help that they need. Depression often times can be treated and it will improve as long as help is sought in a timely fashion.

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