Tuesday, March 5, 2013

5 Steps to Ease Your Depression After Divorce

Beating depression that comes with a divorce is tough, but certainly not impossible. The end of a relationship as important as marriage has a shattering effect on the person who faces it. If you or a close friend has divorced and is having problems coping with it, it may mean that he or she is depressed. If the mourning or grieving continues even after the divorce has been over and done with for months on end, the concerned person may need treatment. Here are 5 steps of treating depression naturally during divorce.

Step #1

It is important that you let off the steam. It is natural that you are going to feel hurt, betrayed and powerless after a divorce. Find an outlet where you can let off steam safely. Remember its okay to cry. Why not buy a punching bag and hit it when you feel angry and frustrated. You can scream into a pillow. When you make a concerted effort to let go of the anger, you will be actually taking a step forward to treating your depression. With time you will find the negative emotions starting to fade.

Step #2

Practice living well. It may sound odd but depressed people often don't want to get out of bed even if it is take a shower. Make sure you do and also change your clothes everyday. Neglecting to take care of one self is one of the most common symptoms of depression. Get adequate sleep at night but don't spend the entire day in bed brooding. Exercising everyday is a natural depression cure. Get some sunshine and fresh air and see your blues disappearing.

Step #3

Don't start bad habits to get over your divorce. It will not only worsen your depressive symptoms, it will also be bad for you in the long run. Starting to smoke, drink and do drugs is the worst thing that could happen to anyone after a divorce. Instead take up a new hobby which you have been never been able to indulge in because your ex did not approve of it. Spend time with friends and family who love and support you.

Step #4

Another way of fighting depression and anxiety is to eat well. Changing dietary habits by choosing tea instead of coffee, brown bread over white bread, chicken and fish over red meat, and eating lots of green vegetables is a natural cure for depression. Drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday. If you think it is necessary, take an herbal supplement everyday.

Step #5

A change of scenery may sound superfluous but is a wonderful way of treating depression. Why not buy new curtains for your home and paint your bedroom in a color which you love but your ex detested? You can also move the furniture around to let in natural sunlight. The therapeutic effect of these small things is going to be tremendous.

Beat depression during divorce using these 5 simple steps and see the change in you!

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