Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Story About Candida Die Off Symptoms - Difficulties at Work and Depression

My friend shares her experience to me, and this article is about her. I hope you can get the positive value from this experience. Today is a rough one, die-off symptoms run rampant and she is having difficulties in the work realm as well. And she is afraid she is just making mountains of molehills anyway. But the fact remains, that she has received her final warning at the workplace: the quality of her work must approve or she will be terminated!

Now, how does a woman who speaks six languages, graduated in the top her class and got accepted (and dropped out of) to a top 20 law school become unable to keep a simple customer service job answering telephones?

She has been diagnosed with depression, and used that and a traumatic childhood as excuses for her poor success. She is barely able to function, and fall on the couch after a day of sitting down in the office. She cries a lot, and feels like she is caught up in a nightmare with no way out. Even the smallest of an obstacle makes her want to crawl up in a ball in her desperation.

Her loving and supportive boyfriend is at his wits end when she shared his understanding "all will be okay" to pieces demanding him to explain how it will be accomplished. The good thing is that these darkest moments only last a brief while, but she would rather not have them at all. Her home that was previously perfect is a mess and she just does not have the energy to get it straightened out.

She has been sugar (carbs) free and on an anti-yeast supplement for 5 days now, and all she can do is to hope these feelings are related to candida, that she is not crazy, and that all this agony will correct itself once those pesky little creatures leave her body.

As long as she can remember, she has had a sweet tooth. Her mother used to hide sweets and pastries from her, but she would find them anyway, she finally stopped baking and buying sweets altogether and put her on a "carrots and fruit for snacks" diet. There has been times when she has been fairly healthy (sugar-free) but that was accomplished due to wanting to be thin. Her sugar and carbs cravings have been horrible, but they subsided fairly soon after she stopped eating sugar containing foods.

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