Thursday, March 7, 2013

Are You Clinically Depressed? Or Your Thyroid Putting You Out Of Sync?

You never really know, do you? Symptoms of depression are almost the same as those of your thyroid acting abnormally. You lose interest in anything, and everything happening around you. You just want to withdraw into yourself, not bother about the world around you. We've all been there, haven't we?

But how can you know if you're going to jump back to normal one of these days? You might be thinking one fine day you'll just snap out of it, but what's the guarantee of that happening anytime soon? Instead of pining away, wallowing in your misery, try to find if this phase is temporary, or do you need extra help to get out of it.

The first thing you need to do is ask yourself what is depressing you so much - anything related to relationships, work, family, etc.

If you can find what is troubling you, maybe you can speak to your spouse, partner, or friend to help you troubleshoot your issues.

If you can't seem to find anything particularly wrong with your life, then maybe it's just a little break you need. Pack up your bags right now, and go explore a new place - New York, Paris, even that quaint little hill station on the outskirts of your town is beckoning you.

Once you get back home from your little vacation, and settle back into your old routine, re-ponder on your state. Are you still feeling depressed? Or you don't even remember the last time you felt anything less than ecstatic?

If you're still going through bouts of depression, consider consulting with a physician. Most probably you'll have to take some blood tests to confirm your thyroid and hormone levels are working fine. If not, you'll be prescribed the right medications to help you correct whatever is physiologically wrong with your body.

Now keep in mind that your treatment might take a while. You might not have a miraculous recovery overnight, maybe not even for a few weeks. But with proper medication, you're bound to break out of your self-imposed isolation. At this stage, it's important to have your spouse, partner, family, or friends to support you emotionally. At least one person should be your pain buddy, with whom you can share your thoughts and feelings.

Don't worry! The road to happiness and satisfaction might be long, but it's definitely not impossible. Start right away to get out of depression.

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