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How Can I Cure My Chronic Depression Fast and Naturally?

Chronic depression is described as a state of intense despair, gloom and sadness that has advanced into a stage where he or she can no longer have coherent thoughts and reactions to daily situations. This type of depression is generally acknowledged to be more intense than normal mood swings or the 'blues.' If you suffer from depression, remember that it is an extremely common mental ailment that affects even the strongest individuals. It is a real mental disease and not an imaginary one and you should treat it accordingly.

Symptoms Of Chronic Depression

When a person shows at least five of the following nine criteria, he or she should strongly take action to nip this disease in the bud. Depressed mood swings, losing interest in people and previous hobbies, dramatic changes in weight, disrupted sleeping patterns, retarded physical reactions, feeling tired all the time, feeling worthlessness, unable to focus, and constant suicidal thoughts.

Safe Natural Remedies For Treating Chronic Depression

To achieve the most satisfying results, you should look for natural anti-depressants herbs like St Johns Wort, Chamomile, Kava Kava, Siberian ginseng, gingko, balm and so on. All these herbs described have natural sedative effects and helps more rigorous blood flow to maintain a healthy mind-body connection.

St Johns Wort

This is one of the most popular natural herbal remedies known to man. This effective herbal supplement has been proven in scientific studies to achieve similar results as per prescription drugs with fewer side effects. Positive results were noted in as little as 3 weeks after taking this herbal remedy. However, you should never take this while on other medication and should only be taken in moderation. Though side effects are rare, sensitivity to light and nausea might be occurring.

Chamomile and Red Raspberry Tea

Chamomile has long been hailed as one of the more effective relief for disrupted sleep patterns. You need to put dried Chamomile flower leaves in a cup and pour boiling water into it to make a sweet tea. It is known to elevate your mood and reduce fevers. Red raspberry tea can be prepared in the same way and can improve your blood flow to increase your mental clarity and alertness and thus improving your coherent line of thoughts.


5-HTP works as a natural supplement which converts into serotonin to elevate your mood. Serotonin is defined as a brain chemical known as a neurotransmitter which has direct effects on your mood, sleep and appetite behavior. Remember that low serotonin levels generally are caused by depression (symptoms) and not vice versa. Like everything else, it should be taken in moderation for the best results. Common side effects if taken too much would be nausea, constipation or headaches.

Fish Oil And Vitamin E

The main components which contribute to elevating depression in fish oil are known as EPA and DHA. The purer the content of EPA is contained in the oil the more effective it is treat the symptoms of chronic depression. EPA play the role of stimulating the nerve functions while DHA is vital for structure of building the brain. Vitamin E is important for both mind and body and sufferers tend to have lower levels of it. This can be easily remedied with canola oil which is a healthier choice for broiling vegetables and food.

Meditation and Positive Visualization

Meditation helps to create mental serenity and balance in your nervous system. It helps to elevate your mood of calmness and trains the mind to focus on a particular thought which helps coherent thinking. Firstly, find a quiet spot and relax comfortably with your spine and head aligned in a straight line. Then take deep breaths and focus on your breathing while thinking happy thoughts about your past. These thoughts should be accompanied by your past success to enlist a sense of accomplishment. You will find regular practice in positive visualization creating a natural instinct for you to stay focused and optimistic.

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