Saturday, June 7, 2014

Are You Aware of the Benefits of Being Single? Test Yourself

Although the common trend nowadays is staying single and having the time for fun and enjoying what life has to offer, it cannot be helped but notice that there are still singles out there that are worried about their status and belittle themselves. To help them with their dilemma, I have made three key questions with analytical answers that will show those singles that all is not lost just because they are single.

1.) I am single and that means:

a.) I am stress-free from problems that arise from romantic relationships

b.) I am incapable of developing and staying in long term relationships

c.) I am bound to be and old maiden

The correct answer is A. Since relationships are handled by two unique individuals, arguments and problems arise despite their mutual understanding. There will come a time when conflicts of interests occur and different ways of handling matters show. Although relationships provide a venue for growth for the couples, undeniably it is also a venue for stress causing depression, weakened immune system, even alterations in our blood pressure. That is why being single is advantageous since it frees you from such worries. Being single does not signify that you have troubles developing interpersonal relationships. As a matter of fact, most singles are looking for a long term relationship however they are just currently single because they are still in search for that special person they want to build that certain relationship with or because they are still developing themselves to become that righteous one (with good personalities, successful lives, stable job) when they finally find their partner in life.

2.) I am single and that means:

a.) I cannot go on dating since I do not have a boyfriend or girlfriend

b.) I have the chance to date different people

c.) I am not a dateable man or woman

The correct answer is B. Dating is not exclusive for those who have relationship labels (labels such as engaged, married, or boyfriend-girlfriend). Honestly, single dating gives you the possibilities of knowing people without the serious commitments that interfere with your way of life. With single dating, you can meet variety of people whom you can gain knowledge from, or even discover more about yourself. Your horizons will expand as you meet several people that you have not even considered as possible partners. Casual dating provides you a venue for personal growth.

3.) I am single and that means:

a.) I am a loner

b.) I have no time for developing relationships

c.) I have more time to spend with my family, myself and friends

The correct answer is C. Developing relationship does not only revolve around romantic ones, it also includes cultivating friendships and familial bonding. Being single does not mean that you are having hard time establishing romantic interests. In fact, singles rather invest their time first with family, work, self and friends because they know that once they enter into a relationship, they will be spending less and lesser time with their families and friends. Another important note to bear in mind is that when relationships ends, partners are gone too; a most likely effect of moving on process. That is why singles rather invest their time with family and friends, making their bond stronger as ever for they know their time spent will be paid off once they get into life's hardships.

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