Friday, June 6, 2014

Feeling Uninterested in Your Life - It May Be the Depression Talking

Depression is a mental state that can impact your body mood and thoughts. Left to its own, depression can work its way into every aspect of your life. Make no mistake, a depressive disorder is not something to take lightly or ignore. It's real, and although sometimes difficult to accurately diagnose, is a condition that needs to be treated.

Unlike many illnesses, depression simply cannot be treated by telling someone to buck up and pull themselves together. Nor can depression be treated with medication alone. Depression can interfere with almost every aspect of your life, including work, family relationships, sleeping, eating, hobbies, and anything else that at one time was found enjoyable.

Depression Symptoms

While not a comprehensive list of symptoms, the following are very common with the illness.

1. An Almost Unrelenting Feeling of Sadness or Emptiness

2. Feelings of Hopelessness and a General Pessimistic Outlook

3. Loss of Interest in Once Enjoyed Activities and Hobbies

4. Fatigue or Constant State of Being Tired

5. Restlessness and Irritability

While women are typically diagnosed with depression at a two to one ratio to men, this probably doesn't tell the whole story. Men are much more willing to think they can "tough it out" especially when dealing with an emotional illness such as depression. Men also exhibit additional symptoms that may suggest depression.

These symptoms may include out of character anger and frustration or violent behavior, isolation from family and friends along with alcohol or substance abuse. The Mayo Clinic has suggested that job stress is a common cause of male depression.

Here are a few of the most common issues with today's work environment

1. Unreasonable Demands

2. Supervisor Conflicts

3. Lack of Job Security

4. Excessive over Time

5. Wages Not Commensurate with the Level of Responsibility

6. Lack of Control over Deliverables While Continuing to Be Responsible for Them

Any or all can make someone susceptible to depression. Although these work related difficulties have been identified as a potential cause for male depression, almost anyone working under these type of conditions, male or female, would naturally be affected by them.

Treatment for depression is normally twofold with medication and psychotherapy. By altering your perception of a given situation it's sometimes possible to move beyond the depressive state. The worst possible thing anyone suffering from depression can do is to ignore the situation and go untreated. If you've been suffering with depression and have had thoughts of suicide, it's absolutely critical that you visit your health care professional immediately.

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