Sunday, June 1, 2014

Act With Tact, Starting Within Yourself and You Will Get Somewhere in Life, Existence and Everything

In life, we all must be logical and honest at all times, not negating emotions or being in denial in any way. But, I am writing about keeping a balance no matter what "luck" or circumstance may happen so that opportunities and "setbacks" can be worked with. I put the word "setbacks" in quotes because "setbacks" can be turned into opportunities if approached right, with total patience, understanding, tolerance, discipline, work ethic, thought and self control. Think in this direction as you read this article, with the right approach, even the worst thing in existence can be overcome or won over through persistence, hard work, smart work and genuine advancement through honestly applied persistence and integrity. This article explores logically this concept and expands upon it. So, consider this argument for tact no matter what: The "worst thing in the world in the most genuine sense" feeling wise just happened to you and life seems to have no recourse, but later there is a recourse or rebound from "that worst thing in the world". Let us explore the concept that got you through that, let us analyze the reality that made it possible to get through "the worst thing in the world".

Sure, it could be said that chance is a factor when it comes to dealing with certain situations, I disagree with that. It is genuinely attitude determined in every way how things are dealt with in life and existence. Chance, luck, they are nothing compared to the attitude of strength (winning) or weakness (losing) you deal with life with. Indeed, chance may play games, but attitude does not in any way. Because attitude is self determined, just like your genuine work ethic and destiny, chance and luck are illusions just like an appearance of outer causality. Sure, we can blame what is outside of us, but indeed, it is how we deal with things that makes things right or wrong in any way. Now, sure, you can cry foul and say: "What about natural disasters or acts of God or even fires?" I would say: Yeah, those can be overcome with advancement, persistence, honesty, smart work, hard work, all in that order. Sure proper vigilance and precaution help, but, to put it in the terms of Marshall Field, who built his stores into the biggest department store in the world after a fire burnt down his original store in my the hometown of my Mother: Chicago, Illinois. No matter what it takes, with persistence, perseverance and unyielding resolve, it can be done. And if the "disaster" happens again, I will rebuild greater and greater until it is permanent. What do you think is the secret of some businessmen who fail many times, and rise up larger than before? It is that simple, although it is hard work admittedly. Personally, I would rather do what it takes instead of not do what it takes, no matter what. What is dynamic energy except persistence and perseverance no matter what combined with the positive use of the law of averages. Because the negative use of the law of averages is just to quit "while the getting is good." Sound familiar? That is why the "average" person "nowhere", and that is what makes the "average" or "normal" person, the "average" or "normal" person.

But what makes the "great and weird" person, "great and weird" is that powerfully unyielding Marshall Field like resolve that knows that self discipline, honesty and purity of effort as in consistent perseverance is success. Sure, I could be a little more "yielding" and "realistic" about it, but this is what makes the great what they are. Only the genuinely mediocre are yielding in "that way." Now it is becoming quite obvious what I am writing about in the fullest sense, for what I mean by tact is the most powerful meaning in the universe and existence. I do mean patience, understanding and tolerance, sure. But, more than that, I mean self control from inside, not determined by outside factors or forces.

So, to end this article, say that I lost this article in a computer accident where I did not save my article: Then I would start over again, forget this article and write a better, more ambitious article, but if this article is written, this article is written and I will have it published and go on writing greater articles. But no matter what, I will persist and persevere, that is the nature of how it all works. As the Holy Bible says with an honest reality: The Law Is One.

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