Sunday, May 4, 2014

What is Agitated Depression?

A form of clinical depression and generally shows the symptoms of irritability and restlessness. Hypomanic behaviors cause depressive episodes in this form of depression. Agitation is always there in all types of depression but this type is particularly more severe and agitated that is why known as agitated depression. Just like other types of depression this one also has so many symptoms, the occurrence of symptoms depend upon the patient. It is one of the most severe depressive disorders among all the other types of depression. Usually middle aged people or old people become the victims, but it does not mean that adult or children do not suffer from it.

It is not tough to identify the symptoms, a person that suffers from this type of depression is not able to sit still and keeps on restlessly moving here and there all the time, it happens due to the outburst of emotional energy. Those that suffer from this type of depression tend to complain a lot and develop the feelings of getting misunderstood by others. The symptoms are :

1. Tearing of cloths
2. Motor agitation
3. Intense inner tension
4. Racing thoughts
5. Never ending baseless thoughts
6. continuous talking
7. verbal outburst
8. Hand wringing

It is noticed many a times that a patient tends to outburst his anger on his cloths by tearing the cloths. Motor agitation is a condition in which a patient is unable to stick to one place and constantly moves from one place to the other. Intense inner tension or also known as psychic agitation or mental agitation is a state of mental distress in which patient continuously found suffering from restlessness or tiredness without any reason. It is also known as mixed mania and appears like a hyper-active disorder, as it shows the symptoms of Hyperactive disorders such as difficulties to stay at one place or continuous talking problems etc. According to DSM-III-R, Agitated depression is categorized as major depressive episodes and surprisingly does not fall in the category of mixed bipolar disorder that it resembles most closely.

It is very commonly believed these days that it also exhibits the symptoms of Bipolar disorder I. Agitated depression with bipolar disorder I can cause major complications in the overall health of a patient. However, it is yet to be proved that it has any connection with bipolar disorder. If you feel that you have the symptoms, do not feel embarrassed, just consult with psychiatrist and seek proper treatment.

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