Thursday, May 8, 2014

How To Help Someone With Depression, Suicidal Tendencies or Borderline Personality Disorder

Mental illness is a terrible malady. Many of us don't understand this disease and don't know how to handle it. We are frightened by it, somehow believing it may be contagious. Mental health hospitals and professionals also have a formidable challenge and there aren't any certain remedies. As a result many people with this illness die every year, from being misunderstood.

Borderline personality disorder is one of the worst forms of mental illness. People with this disorder attempt suicide often. It is a disease which normally occurs from being abused as a child. It is so dreadful that many family members abandon their loved ones who have [BPD], because it is extremely stressful on them. Although it is challenging, people can help victims of [BPD] if they understand this disease better.

There are many websites offering helpful information about this serious subject. Some suggest medications, where other websites state that the only real remedy is cognitive behavioral therapy (counseling). Love and family support is likely to be the best medicine. Below are some helpful tips about caring for a person with Borderline Personality Disorder.

  1. Validation - Very important! Ask them questions about their problems and the very real pain they suffer.

  2. Listen - When they need to talk, sit still and really be present for them.

  3. Empathize - Express understanding and apply effort to helping them get relief from their misery.

  4. Love - Tell them how much you love them and Jesus truly loves them, too!

  5. Reassurance - Tell them you won't ever leave them or, "I'll always be here for you," and mean it.

  6. Guilt - Tell them it isn't their fault and don't blame them for their illness.

  7. Comfort - Continue to tell them everything will get better. Say it over and over!

  8. Suicidal - Don't ever leave a person alone who is suicidal! Treat them as a baby and get a baby sitter if you have to go elsewhere. This is crucial!

  9. Promises - Depressed people are hypersensitive and anxious. They can't stand having to wait or being lied to. Keep your word and always be truthful with them!

  10. Friends - Contact their friends and alert them to the problem to design a circle of love.

While I hope this information is helpful, I realize the heavy burden you may be suffering and the many challenges you face. There are no easy answers - but nothing can take the place of love and understanding.

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