Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Difference Between Major Depression and Minor Depression

Broadly depression can be classified in two categories:

Major depression:

Major depression is one of the most serious forms of depression. It is also referred to as clinical  or unipolar depression. Some Clinicians call it major depressive disorder. It is not an illness since it can be treated very easily once diagnosed. Major disorder can be cured even at the severe stage with the help of good care and medication.

Major disorder means a prolonged feeling of sadness. Sufferer doesn't show interest in any activity or pass time. Loss of appetite, loss in weight, hopelessness, lack of concentration, low self esteem and isolation are the common symptoms of this disease. The negative feelings are very common in the patient suffering from major depression. Patient is always occupied with thoughts of suicide. A person with this type of depression needs good care and attention as he can harm himself anytime. This type of disorder is not short term, it lasts for years.

Minor depression:

This type of depression is just contrary to the major depression. Minor depression means ordinary sadness which doesn't need any medication. A person himself can cure it by taking action. He has no need to be dependent on drugs and doctors. In the cases of major depression people need drugs. But mild one can be cured by being active and creative. People take prescription drugs and then lay dormant. Only drugs can not remove depression. If you have minor depression, you are suggested to take some actions like - read good books, see nature, call friends or relatives and listen to good music.

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