Monday, May 5, 2014

Manic Depression Symptoms

Manic depression is the most dangerous form of depression. People suffering from it usually exhibit exceedingly high (mania) to exceedingly low (depression) mood swings. Also commonly known as bipolar disorder that results in unexpected changes in sufferer's mood, energy level, and proper functioning. Anybody of any age group can suffer from it and it affects both men and women. The maximum chances of the occurrence are in adolescent stage of a person. There is no exact cause found till date for the occurrence of manic depression. However, it is believed that it has strong genetic link.

It's a treatable form of depression and you need to follow a proper treatment method. Treatment of should be taken under the administration of the specialist. The symptoms of are categorized according to the various mood swings that a sufferer undergoes. Following are the symptoms due to exceedingly high mood:

1. Exceedingly high level of energy along with restlessness.
2. Sufferer speaks very fast, racing thoughts and larger volume while speaking.
3. Sufferer finds problems in concentrating, constantly gets distracted.
4. Sufferer takes wrong decisions for himself or the people related to him/her.
5. Sleeping problems, sleep for a very little time.
6. Sexual drive increases suddenly.
7. Aggression and proactiveness become the part of sufferer's behavior.
8. Sudden increase in the intake of alcohol or drugs abuse.
9. Exceedingly high amount of Irritability.
10. Unable to stick to a one place.

Manic depression symptoms due to exceedingly low mood:

1. Sufferer usually exhibit sadness, anxiety and blank mood.
2. Too much sleeping sometimes more than 20 hours a day.
3. Fatigue or low in energy almost all day.
4. Sufferer constantly feels guilty, worthless, hopeless, and helpless.
5. Short lived memory, inability to concentrate.
6. Restlessness or irritation most of the times.
7. Decreased interest in those activities that sufferer loved enjoying under normal circumstances.
8. Decreased sexual drive.
9. Appetite changes as a result weight loss or weight gain.
10. Negative feelings almost entire day.
11. Thoughts of suicide or suicidal attempts.

Apart from these symptoms there are few more such as, Psychosis (hallucination and delusion) and Hypomania. In a severe episode psychosis can also occur in a sufferer. Hypomania is a mild to moderate level of mania and is another symptom of manic depression. Another common form is mixed manic depression. People sometimes misunderstand the symptoms of both. The symptoms for the mixed mania depression are :

1. Sleeping problems
2. Agitated behavior
3. Huge change in diet.
4. Psychosis
5. Sufferer exhibits unusual moods, from extremely sad mood and hopeless mood to very high energized mood at the same time.
6. Suicidal thoughts or suicidal attempts.

If you notice these symptoms in yourself, or someone you know, seek proper care for healthy life.

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