Sunday, May 11, 2014

Manic Depression - Stop Me Before I Go Crazy

Believe it or not, taking prescription medications is not the way to treat manic depression. The problem with western thought is that doctors focus on treating symptoms with a pill. That pill is often not as effective as it should be, and it comes with a boat load of side effects that can be worse than the way you feel before you take them. Really, ask yourself how much sense it makes to give a person with manic depression a pill that can cause suicidal thoughts.

Instead of taking a medication that is only going to cover what you have going on in your mind, find natural ways to not only treat your symptoms but help make you free from the ties of manic depression. Below you will find five steps that are recommended by Carol Tuttle an author and a Certified Master Level Rapid Eye Therapist in private practice.

The first step is to stop your negative thoughts. As funny as it may sound if you have difficulty stopping your obsessive thoughts go out and buy an eye patch and use it to cover your right eye. Closing off or patching your right eye will "turn off" the left hemisphere of your brain which is where the negative obsessive thinking is taking place.

Next you can "zip up your central meridian." Scratching your head right now, your central meridian is the energy pathway that is located on your body and it runs from the pubic bone to your bottom lip. You are a portal for all energy negative and positive if you don't have it zipped up. Pretend that you have a zipper on your body and imagine yourself zipping it up.

Go for a walk each and every day. Walking is a great exercise that every person can do regardless of age. Exercise is a great mood booster. Walking will help give your natural endorphins (the feel good chemicals in the brain) a boost. Walking will also get the energy flowing from left to right and right to left which will improve your mood by about 50%.

So you have to deal with manic depression. Do you really have to think of it that way. Instead of thinking that you suffer from manic depression think of it as a cut on your finger. A cut can heal with time and proper care. Stop thinking that you are afflicted by a curse that will plague you forever. You can't imagine the impact of just changing the way you think.

Now, believe that you can get better. Believe that you can heal. The power of the mind is an amazing thing and there have been medical miracles and everyday medical "phenomena" that all relates to the way the person thought about their ability to heal. You can think yourself sick... or you can finally think yourself well. You do have natural, effective treatment options available to you. It is all a state of your mind.

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