Saturday, May 17, 2014

Anger Management Test - Can You Pass This Quiz?

"Anger dwells only in the bosom of fools."

- Albert Einstein (1879-1955), Famous scientist and universally acknowledged "Man of the 20th Century".

When the smartest man the world has seen for the last 100 years says something, it pays to listen. Although all know that anger is a negative emotion, very few know when it can become a psychological problem requiring specialized help by means of anger management therapy. With help of this anger management test, you can determine whether your anger is a normal emotion or you should turn to a professional for help. Answer the following questions with either a "yes" or "no":

1. Have you faced arrest over anger management issues?
2. Do you get annoyed waiting your turn in queues?
3. Do you verbally abuse drivers who cut you off in traffic?
4. Do you lie awake at night analyzing the day's upsets?
5. Do coworkers avoid you at work because of your anger issues?
6. Does anger make you experience short term memory loss?
7. Do you find it difficult to forgive others who had mistreated you in the past?
8. Do you ever feel the urge to kill when angry?
9. Do you abuse drugs or alcohol when angered?
10. Have people you've trusted often let you down, leaving you feeling angry or betrayed?
11. Do you often feel stressed and pressured, and do things not going your way leave you depressed?
12. Do you like to keep your emotions bottled down inside you?

If your answers to this anger management test have more than three "yes"s, professional anger management therapy is advised. Since you now know that you have an anger management problem, you can take steps to resolve it. Knowing the existence of a problem is winning half the battle; the war will be won when calm replaces anger in the hearts and minds of affected people.

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