Friday, May 16, 2014

Happiness Perception - Do Your Perceptions In Life Affect Your Happiness?

I read a quote the other day that got me thinking about how perceptions have a lot to do with your happiness and satisfaction in life. I will share the quote with you in just a bit but first, think about how your own perceptions affect your life. Do you perceive things with a negative connotation or do you perceive things with a positive connotation?

The quote that I saw was from Tom Wilson who said, 'You can complain because roses have thorns, or you can rejoice because thorns have roses.' You see, there will always be thorns in life and there will always be roses, but the way you perceive each life situation will dictate your happiness and the level of success that you will attain.

As an example, I will tell you about a friend of mine. Every time I talk to them they always have something negative to say. Even when something great is happening in their life they always seem to perceive the situation negatively. Because of this, they aren't really happy in life. It's not that they hate life or anything, it's just that they perceive more thorns than roses.

What about in your life? Do you see thorns in the majority of your life or do you see roses? If you can learn to see the roses among the thorns you will find that life becomes so much better and you will begin to experience a level of happiness that you may have never experienced before. You only have one life to live so you might as well live it to its fullest and experience life with as much happiness as possible.

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