Friday, May 16, 2014

Linking Reiki and Bipolar Disorder

How can reiki treatment actually be considered as a good alternative medication for bipolar disorder? Many people under such condition or who might know someone close to be having such would surely delve into this upon hearing that reiki can be a really good healing technique. First, let us try to look at bipolar disorder and see how it can actually be alleviated by reiki.

Bipolar is basically a disorder by which one person experiences a variation of moods but all in a very extreme state. Most people refer to it as manic depression because a deep depression usually follows high elation and again, all in an extremely alternating process. Manic episodes following depressive episodes are a common thing for a bipolar. Oftentimes, family members and other people around a bipolar struggle with the appropriate actions or treatments and reiki treatment might just do the trick.

As bipolar disorder affects every aspect of the human behavior and with the reiki as a means of channeling positive universal energy, there just might be a spark that could create the link in reiki bipolar disorder treatment. In most cases of bipolar disorders, the medications given can be quite uncomfortable hence patients are being referred to alternative forms of treatment and even therapies. Since bipolar is what you can refer to as a manic depressive state, reiki could very well work in the relaxation and keeping at peace of the manic stage.

Reiki treatment relaxes and rejuvenates the inner state of the bipolar. This is the same as eliminating or washing out all the negative forces and energies that are concealed within the manic depressive person and ultimately pushes itself to burst out in proportions that are not adequate. As bipolar disorder affects significantly the whole human behavior meaning thoughts, feelings, perception and all the rest, so shall the universal energy generated by reiki as channeled through the practitioner be proportionately distributed throughout the areas with particular need to be soothed.

For many who have experienced and witnessed reiki bipolar disorder treatment, it may be deemed that the spiritual healing is able to tame down the surge of uncontrolled negative emotions of the bipolar. Several treatments along the area and line of spirituality is deemed in fact to be more effective than those synthetic medications and even psychotherapies. This is because most bipolar patients need to have an expressive outlet to be heard and at the same time have the assurance that calmness and peace of mind may be very well at hand.

Linking reiki with bipolar disorder can be quite far-fetched for those who have no deeper understanding and first-hand experience of this alternative healing. All it would take for one to consequently benefit from its healing power is for one to understand and learn to properly practice or become recipient of reiki treatment.

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