Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Does Depression Make Your Girlfriend Want To Breakup With You When She Is Suffering From It?

Depression affects one's life in a variety of ways. Social interactions become limited when one is suffering from depression. Work performance is also affected, sometimes to the point of costing one's job. Relationship with loved ones may also suffer. So if your depressed girlfriend wants to breakup with you, that is nothing to be surprised about. But it does not mean that it is okay, either. Certainly, it does not mean that you will just let things be and not do anything about it.

Depression is a difficult time for the depressed individual and it also poses a big challenge to the significant other. Your girlfriend is at her lowest point which gives her the tendency to think rather irrationally. It may not really that she wants to breakup with you (unless, of course, you are the one causing her problems in the first place); only that she may feel worthless or that she may need a little space.

Helping your girlfriend cope with depression

It is kind of normal for women to feel that way when they are depressed, but leaving them will only make things worse. Make your girlfriend feel needed, not abandoned. So if your girlfriend wants to break up with you, try these things:

  • Make her feel you understand her situation but be firm in telling her that you are not going to leave her.

  • If she wants space, give it to her. She needs it. But don't cut off your communication lines for too long.

  • Take her someplace where she can unwind. Going for long drives or to the beach sounds like a good idea.

  • Do fun things with her. Go bicycle-riding with her. Bring her to an amusement park where she can go on fun rides and play games without having to worry what others will think. Or why not treat her to an ice cream cone? This helps to make her realize that while life is not meant to be easy all the time, it can nonetheless be fun.

  • Get your girlfriend to talk about or express her feelings in a constructive way. This may not be the easiest thing to do but it is extremely necessary.

If after having done all these things, your girlfriend still appears withdrawn and more depressed than ever, consider getting her a therapist. A therapist is someone who can help your girlfriend identify her problems, make her own goals and get her to achieve them. The therapist may require one-to-one sessions or group sessions, depending on the situation. The therapist may also put your girlfriend on medications. But regardless of the therapeutic approach, you being the significant other, has a big role to play in the healing process. Your love and support are very important in helping your girlfriend cope with her depression.

Depression can happen to any one of us. The problem is that it can be severe for some people to the point that it already affects their lives. Some even manifest signs and symptoms that compromise their general well being. Many can go on hunger strikes and sleepless nights, for instance, or do the exact opposite - overeat and oversleep. Either way, the consequences are really bad to one's health. In this case, depression needs to be controlled as easily as possible so that it does not consume one's life.

Well, you will glad to know that there are foods and vitamins that can stabilize mood, help prevent depression, or at the very least reduce the impact of depression on one's physical and mental self. Accordingly, eating foods high in B-vitamins is very helpful especially to people with increased tendencies of developing depression.

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