Friday, April 18, 2014

Postnatal Depression - Symptoms

So you have just had your child and you are wondering if you may have postpartum symptoms? Well I am glad you are reading this article. Postpartum depression can cause many new mothers a lot of heartache. Women who suffer from postpartum and leave it untreated may suffer lifelong changes in their personality.
There are several tell tale postpartum symptoms which can help assess your situation. First, postnatal depression can cause women to feel exhausted. Being a new mother though is a full time job and it is expected to wear you out, so we must look at other symptoms

If your hair and nails are dry and brittle your feelings may be caused my PPD. Localized pain in your legs hot spots and discoloration are also common symptoms. Appetite and weight can also shift when dealing with postpartum. Feelings of worthlessness without any reason are a symptom. Thoughts of death or suicide are a definite symptom and you must see a doctor if your depression is that severe.

If you have suffered from depression or anxiety prior to childbirth then you are more likely to develop PPD. You may have feelings of being "trapped". Many women also get a sinking feeling in their stomach, they ask themselves what about all of the plans I had for my life? It is important to keep an eye on your postnatal depression. Early treatment is critical for the health and safety of both you and your child. Remember that the choices you make now will affect your child directly.

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