Tuesday, April 15, 2014

It's Hard to Take Charge When You Are Suffering From Clinical Depression

If you are suffering from depression, it makes perfect sense to say that it is not quite possible to enjoy something that is pleasurable. Can you imagine how much fulfilling is it to take charge instead of hanging on to unpleasant old images and endure?

Maybe you can be skeptical now. But, taking charge of yourself involves more than simply trying on new thoughts to suppress your emotions. You need a new determination to be happy and to destroy each though that creates some form of a self-immobilizing unhappiness within you.

I understand that it is very hard for you to believe that you can choose to be happy, try to consider this course of events. Each time you become depressed, it is because you are subjected to some form of negative treatment that you may find repulsive. You can feel depressed for many reasons. For example, you don't like to be deprived of all food. Perhaps you are locked in a room alone for long periods of time. Or maybe you just don't like being physically tortured by others. Imagine all this feelings right now as you are reading this article.

You don't really feel depressed, right?

This is because you don't hold on to these negative experiences now as you are taking charge quickly. You aren't being bullied or subjected to some negative treatment. This is why you don't hold on to being depressed.

The thing about clinical depression is that some people choose to become insane rather than to take charge. Patients who are suffering from clinical depression choose to give up and succumb to a life of pure miserly because they feel that they receive a greater dividend of pity rather than the reward of happiness.

I knew these reasons, which is why I chose to specialize in psychiatry when I went to medicine school.

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