Sunday, April 13, 2014

Are You Depressed? Take the Quizzes

"Am I depressed?" You're not the first person to ask the question. Usually when you have been crying for days or have been in no mood to do anything, you immediately think you have fallen into a state of depression.

To know if you do, your first course of action is to take the depression test.

What Is a Depression Test?

It's simply a quiz, exercise, or examination that assesses if you are at risk of depression. The questions are based on the common symptoms of depression. The examination usually consists of multiple-choice questions, and you choose the answer that you think is the most honest or reflective of your present state or experience. There's no right or wrong choice.

Depression tests can be found anywhere. Some are given by therapists and doctors, while others are created by those who have gone through depression themselves. A number of them are also found online.

Taking the Online Depression Test

Online, you can easily find a free depression test. All you need to do is to type "free depression quiz" in search engines such as Google.

The main issue with free depression quizzes, however, is that the diagnosis may not be completely accurate. After all, the tests have been pre-programmed to display a certain result based on your list of chosen answers.

Meanwhile, you'll chance upon a depression symptoms test that has a fee. There's a possibility that a therapist or a doctor will be the one to assess your answers. This may be costly and the report doesn't arrive immediately, but it's worth it if you like to know if you're at risk from a professional.

Important Things to Remember about Depression Tests

Majority of the reports would only say that you are at risk of the medical condition. It would never tell you are suffering from depression. There are far too many factors that can cause depression in a person, and a lot of them may not be covered by the questionnaire.

Moreover, there are many types of depression, and it's important you'll get a specific diagnosis. Otherwise, the treatments may not be suitable to your medical condition or need. Some of the specific tests you can take include a clinical depression test and a manic depression test.

Though you can present your depression test to your doctor, it is only part and parcel of the factors that could determine if you are officially depressed.

Treatment of Depression: What Are the Options?

As mentioned, the treatment will depend on what kind of depression you have. Usually it includes medications such as antidepressants. Psychological counseling or behavior cognitive therapy may also be provided by therapists.

A lot of therapists, doctors, and even other depression sufferers are now using subliminal messages or affirmations. They do so in order to improve their mood and mode of thinking. Affirmations help create positive thoughts, which can greatly reduce their somber or sad feeling. To make them more effective, they combine subliminal messages with the other mentioned treatments as well as visualization and hypnosis.

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