Friday, April 18, 2014

Anxiety is Natural and it is Normal

Wilhelm Stekel quotes "Anxiety is fear of one's self. Anxiety is also present in many mental health conditions: it is part of the phobic response, and also OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). Most of the time we hear that anxiety is a bad thing, but do you know that it is also a good thing. A study in the latest issue of Gastroenterology finds that anxiety is associated with uninvestigated and functional dyspepsia.

Health plans are trying all sorts of strategies to motivate patients to take better care of them -- from assigning people with chronic diseases to a "health manager," to providing incentives, such as cash back on gym memberships or gift cards for getting certain preventive care.

Depression levels also dropped among many patients who reported depression and no serious side effects were associated with kava use. Some in vivo imaging studies showed reduced availability of serotonin transporters (5-HTT) in the brainstem and thalamus of patients with major depression. In the thalamus, a low serotonin reuptake capacity may interfere with thalamic control of cortical excitability and contribute to anxiety rather than depression per se in major depression.

You should also know that: Suicide is a known risk of depression and some other psychiatric disorders. The depression comes and goes, but the anxiety is constant. Psychiatrists have long known that an anxious temperament in childhood is a risk factor for developing anxiety disorders, depression and substance abuse.

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Stress is your body's warning mechanism - it's a signal that helps you prepare for something important that's about to happen. Find the best stress-reduction option for your lifestyle. Worry and anxiety are natural and normal responses to stress.

Test anxiety can be a real problem when someone is so stressed out over a test that he or she can't get past the nervousness to focus on the test questions and do his or her best work. If sitting for a test gets you so stressed out that your mind goes blank and causes you to miss answers that you know, and then your level of test anxiety probably needs some attention. When this happen a whole set of new problems occurs... physical and mental exhaustion of stress, problems thinking clearly and focused, problems relaxing and sleeping, and so on.

Vitamin B-1 or Thiamine is a natural stress buster as well as good for the heart and digestion. To hear the word we immediately think about stress, fear, concern, mental anguish, and even depression.

Anxious temperament is important because it is an early predictor of the later risk to develop anxiety, depression, and drug abuse related to self medicating. And which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to his span of life. Do you ever get the feeling that what you're anxious about has little or nothing to do with what is actually happening?

"Anxiety is the hand maiden of creativity" Feeling anxious about my child's wellbeing allowed me to take matters into my own hands, to pause and to reassess my purpose and as a result to refocus my efforts towards improving not only his sleep, but as a result the sleep of thousands. If you are anxious about being anxious, then you can also take Thiamine or Vitamin B-1, daily. However, fear is fear, and it is extremely unpleasant to be anxious for 'no apparent reason'.

Anxiety is mostly about the past and future. Recent Activity Clear Turn off Turn on Anxiety is associated with reduced central serotonin transporter availability in unmediated. Also, if your anxiety is interfering with daily activities, consider working with a mental health specialist as well. All anxiety is a reaction to anticipating something stressful. But most importantly you will learn that anxiety is controllable.

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