Saturday, March 29, 2014

Symptoms and Treating Postpartum Depression in Women

Postpartum depression in women is extremely common. Around one in five new moms are affected with the condition. It starts off as the baby blues, which is due to the drop in hormones after the birth of a baby. These hormones usually regulate within a couple of weeks and the new mom goes back to normal. However, there are times that the symptoms of postpartum depression can appear.

The main symptoms are disturbed sleep and a loss in appetite. This will change the weight of the new mom dramatically and will also cause problems of confusion and a lack of concentration. The body and brain need sleep to be able to rejuvenate and continue with the next day. There are many ways that postpartum depression in women can be helped.

The main one is rest. The new mom needs to be able to sleep. It doesn't matter when that rest is; it could be at night or it could be during the day while the baby is napping. However, there are times when the new mom is trying to do everything else around the house and is struggling to fit everything in. This is when friends come in; there is nothing wrong with having a friend to fold laundry or do the washing up while the new mom sleeps for 30 minutes.

A healthy diet plan is very important when it comes to curing postpartum depression in women. A healthy and balanced diet will help the body to rejuvenate and have the energy to get through the next day. Fruit and vegetables are perfect to add to every meal and as snacks. Wheat bread and pasta are also great because of the fiber and more protein should be included.

There are times that the symptoms of postpartum depression do not disappear on their own. At times like this, the new mom will need to speak to someone about her fears and the negative thoughts. There are times that she will want to speak to a professional so she does not feel judged for her thoughts.

Many women will have anxieties that they cannot care for their child but others will have feelings of resentment due to the lack of sleep. While these feelings are natural, they do need to be cared for. Some professionals have started using Emotional Freedom Technique as a way to help postpartum depression in women. This is the use of pressure on acupuncture points while the new mom thinks about her fears; there is also a talking element which helps the new mom come to terms with her fears and anxieties.

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