Saturday, March 29, 2014

Life Coaching - Dealing With the Symptoms of Depression

Depression has been explored and defined a million times over. There are many types of depression, and in some cases medication is the solution. Life Coaching is one way to deal with the symptoms.

Sometimes it's disguised in a low mood, negativity, lack of energy, unable to enjoy everyday life and generally feeling low.

There are simple things you can do to help yourself, by taking baby steps to maybe change your diet, cut out sugar, alcohol and by getting some regular exercise. Spending some time outdoors daily is a great natural aphrodisiac as well as connecting to others. (Take a walk in the park, smile and chat to people you see around your environment).

We all live very busy lives, and especially living in big cities where everyone is running around from one place to the next. At times we just need to have a chat with someone who can really hear us. Others may feel isolated for some other reasons, age, disability, health issues and struggle with low depression and have no one to turn to.

Sometimes we deny our feelings and try to cope, but we feel miserable inside and put on a brave face. We may not even be aware that we are actually struggling with depression. We may want to isolate, overeat or lose our appetite, drink too much alcohol, or escape into some destructive behaviour. This in itself can become a vicious cycle and lead to further depression. If we continue to deny our feelings for a long time we won't even know how we are feeling any more.

Life Coaching is a supportive way to explore the low mood (feeling consistently sad, depressed, down or empty) feelings you may want to avoid talking about. Coaching is about dealing with the present and moving forward, using practical tools to support you along your journey to happiness.

In our society we are not encouraged to express our feelings, and men usually have more trouble than women in this area. If we deny our feelings for so long that we don't even know how we are feeling any more. People who are out of touch with their emotions are not been true to themselves. A Life Coach can offer a safe, supportive place for the individual to explore their feelings and negative view they may hold of themselves.

If we are out of touch with our feelings we are not been true to ourselves. It takes up a lot of energy to push down those feelings than to actually face them.

So it will require some effort from you to overcome your current low mood, (depression). Only you can do it, and your worth doing this for. Sometimes we need to try something new and have faith and trust.

Successfully treating depression could even restore your confidence in yourself without you needing to work extensively on self-esteem.

When you recognise your feelings you are recognising your needs.

You deserve to be happy, joyous and free.

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