Saturday, March 29, 2014

How Depression Can Affect Weight Loss

There is a definite link between depression and being over-weight. Excess weight and depression often go hand in hand. Depression is attributed to a chemical imbalance in our brain and this can often be caused by dietary and lifestyle habits or hormonal fluctuations.

Without treatment, depression can easily lead to weight gain because depression can lead to a lack of motivation, lethargy and a general decline in wellbeing. However, if steps have been taken to treat depression with certain medications, this can result in other challenging issues as some antidepressant medications can have the side effect of weight gain.

There are many things that we can do to make-weight loss easier despite these challenges, even if we are being treated for depression. Our first priority if we suspect that we are suffering from depression is to seek help and begin treatment as soon as possible.

Once we are under the care of a qualified physician, we can begin to make other changes to our diet and improve our health and general well-being:

Improve Diet

Studies and research have indicated a clear connection between certain foods and the chemistry of the brain. Refined and highly processed foods can be responsible for fluctuating energy levels as well as causing mood swings and be detrimental to our well-being. If we try to eliminate caffeine, sugar and white flour from our diet it will help to lift our mood and boost our energy levels. Ideally we should opt for mainly whole natural foods and drink lots of water to help restore the balance of our body chemistry.

Daily Exercise

Following a daily exercise regime can prove invaluable to helping boost energy levels and mood. Exercise helps to flood our body with endorphins, improves self-confidence and encourages feelings of well-being. During bouts of depression, the last thing we may want to do is exercise, but we need to remain focused and push ourselves into our exercises and gain a little enthusiasm, the benefits will be substantial. We do not have to perform a strenuous workout, a brisk walk, a swim, a short cycle ride or some light weight training will help lift our mood, relieve tension and stress and help us feel better both mentally and physically.


Many of us may feel the need to seek help from a psychologist or therapist once or twice a week. A therapist may be able to help us deal with issues and challenges such as phobias or traumas which could be causing or contributing to our depression.

Depression can be overcome, and the most important thing is not to give up hope. Shedding those unwanted pounds and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is possible even if we are struggling with bouts of depression. We may need to be patient but if we can remain focused and determined we will achieve the reward of successful weight loss

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