Friday, March 28, 2014

7 Signs of Underactive Thyroid

Many of us think we are just tired or simply just getting old. Have you stopped to think that maybe there is something that is actually medically wrong? The hardest part of this whole thought process is that sometimes the symptoms can be similar to another medical condition so if you do have concerns, you should consult with your doctor as maybe you have an underactive thyroid. In this article, we will go over some common signs of underactive thyroid.

An underactive thyroid is called hypothyroidism and occurs when your thyroid gland no longer produces enough thyroid hormones which assist in regulating your metabolism. Hypothyroidism can easily be verified with a simple blood test and is easily treated. As you read this article, you may notice that some of the symptoms may already exist. Remember that some of the symptoms can be symptoms of other medical issues. If you have any concerns, please consult with your physician.

One of the most common symptoms of an underactive thyroid is weight gain. We all know that this is a common problem for most of us, especially as we age and we start moving slower. Keep in mind that this should not be the only reason you suspect that you may have hypothyroidism. Everyone, as they age, slow down a bit without changing their eating habits which easily results in weight gain.

  • Another symptom is joint and muscle pain, even carpal tunnel syndrome in the arms and hands or tarsal tunnel which develops in the legs. Again, this is another symptom that can be related to other issues. This is not to say that the aches and pains are not signs of underactive thyroid but to inform you that they could be.

  • Long term and/or severe constipation have been found to be associated with hypothyroidism.

  • One very important characteristic to consider is family history. In the older population, problems with the thyroid may be called another term such as "goiter" or "gland trouble" but this is definitely something to keep in mind when determining if you may have an under active thyroid.

  • Another sign of having an underactive thyroid is a discomfort in the neck area. If you neck and throat area feels swollen, it is possible that the thyroid gland that is located there could be inflamed. Your doctor can certainly assist you with determining this diagnosis for you.

  • Changes with your hair and/or skin can change as the seasons change. The changes can also occur due to stress or hormonal issues such as aging.

  • Another very common sign is depression. With so much going on in our lives today, it is very easy to become stressed and fall into a depression. Research has shown that anti-depressants do not help if depression is the reason for the hypothyroidism.

Please remember that simply because you may have one or more of the symptoms that is noted above, doesn't mean that you do have hypothyroidism. The signs of underactive thyroid are very common signs for a multitude of other issues. You have any concerns please consult with your doctor.

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