Saturday, March 29, 2014

Different Types of Depression - Knowing the Type of Depression Can Save Your Life

Different types of depression. Depression can come in several different forms. Which type a person has depends on that person's life experiences. Whatever the form a person suffers from, one thing is for certain, they need treatment. They should get attention from a train professional who can determine what type of depression they are suffering with and the proper course of treatment. We will discuss the three main types of depression in this article.

First we will talk about Emotional Depression. Emotional depression affects a person for shorter periods of time due to emotional loss or emotional stress. This type can be brought on by a traumatic event in their life such as: the loss of a loved one, the loss of a job, breaking up with their spouse or significant other among other emotional draining events. This is best treated with the emotional support of family and friends. Emotional depression, unless very severe, hardly ever requires therapy or medication.

Next we will discuss Classic Depression. This affects a person for long periods of time. This type of depression has no obvious cause. People suffering from classic depression will often experience: extreme mood changes, changes in their eating habits, no energy, and stops enjoying doing the things they use to love to do. This type of depression will affect their ability to interact normally in their work place, with their friends and their family. This type of depression is best treated with medication, therapy or a combination of medication and therapy.

Bi-polar Disorder Depression is the last type we will go over. This type of depression is generally associated with people suffering from Bi-polar Disorder. Bi-polar disorder depression can set in before or after a person experiences a 'manic' phase of this disorder. This can also set in after a person has not had an episode in a long time. Anti-depressant medications along with mood stabilizers are the recommended course of treatment for people suffering from this type of depression. People suffering with this type of disorder can only manage and learn to live with their condition. Sadly bi-polar depression is not curable.

Emotional depression, classic depression and bi-polar depression can affect anybody regardless of their age. Although there have been countless studies of depressed people there has not been determined a particular cause or event to trigger it. One thing is for certain, regardless of which type someone is suffering from, if left untreated, they will only get worse and never live a normal, healthy and happy life.

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