Thursday, March 27, 2014

4 Things on How to Handle Yourself After Break Up

Many people out there are suffering after break up, some of us don't know how to handle and comfort ourselves. We encounter many trials like we cannot sleep, we cannot eat, we cannot concentrate on what kind of work we had, we are not on the mood, we are angry of everything, only one thing what's on our mind, is that why this thing happened, why we get into this point of separation, why we cannot understand each other, why we did not trust each other, many why's we have on our mind and we keep asking to ourselves again and again. Why's?

First, you have to ask yourself if you still love him/her. If you want him/her to come back into your life, we are the one who can decide for this, advises and supports from friends are only second thoughts or second opinion, but our heart is the one who can decide for everything. If we want him/her to come back, we are the one who can make moves or actions to make him/her back. Pride is always there, after break up we are waiting for each other, who are the one who will first call "You or Him/Her". Because our goal if we are the one who will call first, he/she think that we are the one following him/her, but according to some quotes "If you love somebody, you will eat your Pride". But for some instances like even if you don't have mistaken you're always the one who called or you're always the one who asked for forgiveness or sorry. Time will come that you will get tired of this things and you will realize how awful you are in your relationship. But it doesn't matter how awful you are, the thing is you really love him/her and you are willing to do everything to make him/her back, nobody will stop you and as if you are willing to sacrifice even your own life just you want him/her back.

Second, if you do not want him/her to come back into your life, it's your decision, we know that it's hard but we have to decide in order for him/her to realize what is your importance in his/her life. According to some quotes "You will know the importance of someone, when his/she's gone". Do not put yourself down or betrayed, try yourself to control your feelings and emotions, let him/her do the moves if he/she still in love with you. But this is based on the gravity of the case, if you saw him/her dating with somebody, so what's the reason to stay with him/her. If that would be the case, stop all your means of communication to him/her like email, calling from landline & mobile, sending message through mobile, talking from his/her close friends or relatives. If it's possible change your zim card so that he/she will not reach you anymore, as if stop for contacting him/her at all, you have to cut totally your communication him/her.

Third, you are free now and you can do everything what you want to do, but still your feeling was connected with the past and still fresh for a break up, again it's not easy to forget your ex because it's automatically come in your mind about your sweet memories with him/her, but try yourself to move on, going out with friends, party, disco, swimming, travelling and other activities where you can get some fun and enjoyment. Make yourself busy like attending some seminar, training and business. As some saying goes you can move on if you find somebody whom you can start you're new life with your new love. But it's very normal even if you find a new love that you still remember your past relationship. This is the time now that you can improve your present relationship based from the past experienced, you are aware now for some mistakes and problems that may arise at present, because you learned from your past and you're afraid now to commit any mistake that may lead to another break up, you are be very careful to handle relationship on the second time around and you are strong enough to face any trials.

Fourth, to set your mind focus on what decision you have made, make yourself more attracted by changing your styles, your hair, your clothing line, your accessories and make yourself busy on how to change yourself from being new, make yourself more sexy and attracted. Reborn yourself from the past, change your fashion to a new. So that when your ex see you, he/she feel that you are not affected of the break up and you can easily move on, without any trace of hurt feelings when he/she leaves you. Make him/her feel that it's his/her lost and not your lost. Try to hide and control your feelings when you meet him/her, calm yourself, do not say anything about the past, never to discuss with him/her about the trials you are encountering when you leave him/her, focus on the present issue about his/her life, does he/she move on? Try to convince him/her that you are totally OK and you have already a new life together with your new love (even if you don't have at present). Just let him/her feel the regrets for leaving you, do not cry or do not show your emotion in front of him/her, try to get his/her feelings if he/she still in love with you, because you might know on the other side maybe his/she's the one who will cry in front of you and he/she wants to come back. Remember that you are not always the one who can fix things for your relationship, also your partner has to do the things to fix your relationship, should be give and take in every relationship.

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