Sunday, February 23, 2014

Use Effective Herbs to Reduce Depression Naturally

Depression is a common psychological disorder of the emotional balance of the person. It is thought that depression may begin because of biochemical cerebration disorder, which is inherited. People who are sick with serious somatic diseases, have a long as well very stressful time or ones who are after psychological trauma is at the risk to get ill easier.

Depression occurs more for women than for men. For example, postnatal or menopause depression may occur sometimes.

This disease has clear symptoms. The first signs are a sad, melancholic mood which lasts for long and lack of energy, also pessimism. Nothing brings happiness and joy to that person. All the things which were important and delightful before, do not seem to have a meaning anymore. The other symptom is sleep disorders; patient either may over sleep or have difficulties to fall asleep at all. Eating disorders also are a serious sign of depression. Patient cannot concentrate, feels worried most of the time, thinks about death and suicide. Have in mind, if these symptoms or a few of them lasts for more than two weeks; you should visit your doctor.

Useful herbs: First of all, if you feel the signs of depression, visit your doctor. It is a serious disease and needs to be treated in a right way, so do not wait. Usually, depression is cured with various therapies and medicines (antidepressants). Sometimes it may get into a habit, so probably you will not be able to take them for long. If you want to try something more natural, herbal remedies are the right solution, which may brighten your mood or resume the treatment.

1. Black Hellebore: It is also known as Christmas rose. Juice and rhizome are poisonous in very big quantities, so you need to use it wisely, in very little amounts. It will improve the mood and also control the mania which sometimes occurs as a symptom of one of the types of depression.

2. Ginger: If you want to feel better, try ginger as it works like an antidepressant. It has been used for long and helped many people. Just be careful, cause big amounts of ginger may cause a heartburn.

3. Siberian Ginseng: It improves the balance of neurotransmitters in the brain, which are very important. Siberian ginseng is believed to improve immune system. Also it is beneficial because it improves concentration. Other things, people who are sick with diabetes can balance their sugar levels in the blood.

4. Ginkgo Biloba: Try to use this herb, it is very useful. Ginkgo biloba improves concentration, and memory. It relieves negative mood and feelings like anger, sadness, guilt, anxiety, irritation, etc. Other good things is that this herb improves blood flow in the whole body and makes a person active.

Other valuable herbs are borage, purslane, rosemary, clove, basil and others. Also try to use them for the best results.

In order not to get sick with depression; do not abuse alcohol, eat healthy food, be sure your diet is well-balanced, get enough sleep, avoid stress, be active and communicative, do the things you like, spend enough time in the open air.

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