Sunday, February 23, 2014

Depression in Dogs - Reasons Why Dogs Can Get Depressed

Depression is a mayor health problem in people but dogs may get depressed too. There are seven key reasons for a dog to get depressed.

Depression is a symptom that something is really going wrong in the life of a dog.

Most often it is a sign that the dogs basic needs are not being met.

His needs to be in the company of those he loves maybe compromised if he loses a close companion which can be another dog or a primary human being.

Deep grief and sadness may follow such loss and the dog will need some time to get over the experience.

His vital need to be with his family maybe frustrated if he is shut away in a crate most of the time. He will suffer because he feels lonely and abandoned and thus may become depressive.

Since dogs bond with their owners at a very deep level they are affected by their owners emotional state. So much so that if his owner feels depressed and sad over a period of time his dog may also become depressed and unhappy.

Depression may be the aftermath of a traumatic life experience. If a dog has a history of neglect, abuse and abandonment he will most likely suffer from deep depression.

Depression occurs when an individual has to put up with adverse life conditions he or she can not avoid. In order to cope and survive the animal will distance himself from his environment and withdraw from it as much as possible.

Apart from those psychological reasons a dog may also show signs of depression if he is in constant pain due to an illness, as a result of nutritional deficiency or due to a malfunction of his thyroid gland.

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