Monday, February 24, 2014

Bipolar Disorder Treatments - 6 Effective Alternative Methods Of Treatment

Bipolar has many definitions, all of which can affect a person lot as well as their family. One of the definitions is that a person diagnosed with the bipolar disorder has alternating experiences of extreme elation coupled with deep depression. Another form of bipolar is Manic Depression which is characterised by episodes of deep depression, that is accompanied with one manic episode.

Bipolar disorder is said to affect a person's thought patterns, behaviour, feelings and their perception of things around them. Professional put this down to chemical imbalances and electrical elements of the brain, as it is not functioning normally. Others say that this is a mental illness which can run in the family, so people are more prone to getting this disorder if there is a medical history of bipolar disorder running in the family or any other mental illness.

Many types of medications are offered to bipolar patients, and not everyone is comfortable with having to take the daily doses continually for some time. There are those who prefer to supplement or to use alternative therapies which are deemed healthier than using prescribed medication.

1. Omega 3

Research shows that Omega 3 which is found in fish oils and in many other fishes is good for anyone with a mental illness and bipolar. One significant research involving 30 bipolar patients was conducted over four months. It was done to show comparisons of the efficacy of Omega 3 against olive oil or placebo for treating bipolar disorder. Researchers believe that this disorder is a neuropsychatric illness with high mortality and morbidity. They proved at their preliminary study that Omega 3 was much better in performance for longer remissions, as based on the symptom severity which is on four scales. Studies are continuous in the hope of finding new classes of the psychotropic compounds, so that they can be utilised as mood stabilisers to help sufferers.

2. Herbal

Herbal supplements are preferred by many people as an alternative to taking prescribed drug medications due to their beliefs, or as a healthy option. Not all herbs are ideal for treating bipolar disorder, as some herbs can in fact worsen the condition in a patient. Taken with some drugs, herbal supplements can have a harmful reaction. You should always consult your doctor before taking herbal medication with any other drugs.

3. Diet and Nutrition

For treating depression, holistic doctors will suggest that you use B-Complex, Magnesium and Thiamin as part of your diet. Organise your menus every day and check that you have adjusted your diet accordingly, so that your body receives the necessary nutrients to regain your good health again.

4. Counseling with your Pastor

Whatever your religion, if you are suffering from Bipolar Disorder, it is a good idea to talk to your vicar, pastor, priest or rabbi, rather than to a therapist. During difficult times, your religious community can be a great help at comfort. Spirituality and prayers are recognised by the community, and also as part of your medication and psychotherapy sessions.

5. Art Therapy

Joining in expressive therapies are especially good for those who mostly stay at home. Art helps you to express yourself freely without any inhibitions. You may want to enroll in classes like Drawing, Watercolours, Oil Painting, Sculpting and many other Arts. Look around locally to see what classes are available in art or expressive therapies.

For those who enjoy movement, there is dance therapy. Your cognitive, emotional and physical well being is catered for as your feet move into action and lift your spirits.

How about sound or music therapy? Listening to soothing music can help anyone relax. The chemical in your body will react so that your blood pressure, improves along with your breathing and pulse rate; and even your posture will change.

6. Traditional Medicine

For emotional, physical and spiritual well being there are traditional medicines, some of which are culturally based. These include Acupuncture, Yoga, Reiki, Shiatsu, Ayurveda, Qigong which are all popular examples of Healing Arts, based on the belief that any imbalance in your body will cause illness.

By combining all these alternative therapies and medications a person with bipolar may be treated effectively, and bring their body back into balance by nature. You should always consult a doctor if you encounter any problems, and any prescribed medication should be continued with unless it is making you worse in which case, a doctor will change course. Your doctor will be able to advise you on alternative medicines.

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