Saturday, February 1, 2014

Bipolar II Disorder - Do You Suffer From This Mild Form of Bipolar Disorder?

If you have bipolar II, you should consider yourself lucky. Bipolar II is defined as a person having at least one incidence of depression in their lifetime, in additional to one episode of hypomania, an excited state.

As opposed to bipolar I, bipolar II doesn't interfere with your working schedule, due to a lack of severe manic episodes. Some symptoms of bipolar I include, hypersexuality, hypomania, and mild depression.

1.) Hypomania

Hypomania can also be quite pleasant, and offer you a boost in your productivity. People in a hypomanic state will be happy and very sociable, the life of any party.

2.) Hypersexuality

Hypersexuality is an increase in sexual desire, which can lead to indiscretions such as affairs or promiscuous encounters.

3.) Mild Depression

Someone with bipolar II will have down swings in mood, but these usually aren't so severe as to affect work. Maybe you will feel tired after work for an entire week, or lack the energy to conduct your usual hobbies. Generally, mild depression will not force any major lifestyle choices.

Bipolar II can usually be treated with fish oil, such as the omega-3 at your local drugstore, and therapy can be used to understand your feelings, and learn to control impulses.

Some forms of therapy that can help include social rhythm therapy, which can help you maintain a regular schedule, as well as behavioral therapy, which can teach you to maintain a healthy body and eschew crutches like alcohol and tobacco. Two other forms are light therapy, which uses full spectrum lighting to treat depressive symptoms, and cognitive therapy, which can help you think positive thoughts and overcome irrational depressive thoughts.

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