Monday, January 27, 2014

Curing Low Self Esteem

You ever wake up in the morning and feel you just don't want to deal with the world? Don't want to be around people? You are not alone. Thousands of people suffer from some of the same symptoms. Depression, hopelessness, despair, stress, no motivation, but most of all no self esteem or low self esteem. So many people are afraid to live fulfilling and rewarding lives because of what others think of them, or say to them. Maybe all of your life you've been put down by others, made to think of yourself as inferior. Maybe a parent or sibling, bullies at school, a boss, co-workers, so much so that you start believing it yourself. Unfortunately for some people it can lead to low self esteem which in turn can sometimes become a lifetime nightmare.

They shut themselves away from the world, becoming virtual prisoners in their own lives. In doing so they forfeit normalcy. A lot of times never having the pleasures of real loving relationships or even friendships because having low self esteem they don't think they fit in or equal. Often they end up abusing drugs or alcohol or even worse become abusive to other people because of their situations. In some cases with younger people they end up in trouble, because they do outrageous things just to try and prove they can fit in. Most often with the wrong crowd.

It doesn't have to be that way. A lot of times they are afraid or ashamed to seek help for their problems, thinking they're the blame or somehow that's the way they are suppose to be. Afraid to let others [Dr.s, Counselors, Clergy or family and friends] help them find the beautiful person within. There is hope and help for those who want to improve or even cure their self esteem problems. Self help programs obtained online where you can learn to undo and fix some of the damages. Yes and in the privacy of your on home and at your own discretion.

As someone who has dealt with low self esteem before believe me when I say it's a burden lifted off your shoulders when you can finally look at yourself in the mirror and say welcome back to the world, and start being more assertive and sure about yourself. As mentioned above you are not alone, there are thousands of people who suffer just like you from the crippling effects of low self esteem. Let's hope they're reading this article also.

Upon restoring your self esteem you can fight off depression, stress and the hopeless feelings you may sometimes have, just by gaining a more positive outlook on life itself, becoming more confident in doing things that you were afraid of doing because of a lack of self esteem. Be able to go out and get that job you wanted or have the confidence to ask that person you've been reluctant to ask out on a date. Yes there is a world out there waiting for you, and you can live in it without being timid or oppressed. You'll be motivated to stand up and say {I'm Just as important as anyone else in this world} and my life will get better.

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