Thursday, January 30, 2014

Signs of Depression - Physical Symptoms

In the world of mental health depression is the 600 pound gorilla in the room. And if that is not bad enough this gorillas has a bad attitude. This condition affects millions of people to varying degrees and can present itself at any age. This has never been more of a worry than it is today with countless adolescents and teens experiencing bouts of severe depression. In this informational article titled "Signs of Depression - Physical Symptoms" we will explore how depression can present itself in a number of sometimes unpredictable physical ways.
Let's take a look at depression through the eyes of 17 year old Becky.
To her friends Becky is the bubbling example of a positive teen. She counsels her friends when they have problems and is the rock that they lean on when times get tough. But here lately Becky hasn't quite been herself. The change was brought about by her long time boyfriend dumping her for another girl. Her friends have noticed that Becky is now skipping lunch and sometimes she gets sick at her stomach for no reason. She doesn't seem to have the energy she once did. She also seems to be plagued by chronic headaches combined with constipation. Every time Becky thinks about the fun she and Ben had together her blood pressure shoots through the roof.
Her parents are watchful and have read the stories concerning teen suicide. They are concerned enough to make Becky an appointment with their family doctor. After the examination he concludes that this is a case of depression. Upon hearing the diagnosis Becky gets angry and animatedly denies depression is the issue. She claims to have a new boyfriend and is now focusing on cheerleader tryouts next month. The doctor isn't buying it and warns her parents to keep a close eye on her.
Depression is a dangerous condition which can be brought about by a number of different types of loss. It can affect teens, adults, and the elderly with equal severity. Once signs of depression are recognized a professional evaluation should be considered.
Additionally, many people of all ages are considering the use of natural alternative treatments for depression. Natural depression remedies have been shown to be effective in supporting emotional wellbeing, lessening common feelings of the blues and are considered to be very safe. If you are looking for an alternative to prescription medications this is an option worth considering.

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