Friday, January 31, 2014

Stages of Depression Most Common in Men

Depression is a serious condition that affects millions of Americans today. And with the current economic demise, it is no wonder why depression has become a common condition. And contrary to what has been always the case, it seems like depression cases in men are continuously growing as doctors give more attention to them than before. As a matter of fact, today, there are six million American males who are suffering from different stages of depression.

It is a traditional belief that depression is not common in men maybe because they are biologically stronger and less emotional than women. Strong, bold, and aggressive- this is how the society perceives them. Men seems to always carry the obligation to be vogue and invincible at any given circumstances. And it is for this reason perhaps that men tend to hide their condition rather than come out and ask for help.

There is a clear difference as to how depressed men and women express their depressive condition. While it is a natural trait for women to be more vocal and showy when it comes to their emotions, men see this as a sign of weakness and of being less of a man. If women get depressed, they pour their heart out through tears into someone, thereby relieving them from pain. Depressed men, on the other hand, handle stress and problem differently. They tend to hold back the tears and pretend to be alright. This, however, would only aggravate the situation.

Depressive men also resort to alcohol and drug abuse as their coping mechanism. This only makes the problem worse as it could results in addiction that can be a source of violence. Depressive men sometimes vent out their depression through anger. They become frustrated of not being able to help their selves out of the rust of depression. This anger is often expressed through violence that oftentimes make their loved ones suffer as well.

Early detection of the stages of depression plays a role in the effective treatment of this condition. Common signs of depression in men include lack of interest in normal activities that usually gives joy to them, development of eating disorders, fatigue, and development of sleeping problems. Depressive men tend to just lie in bed and lack the drive of getting up from bed. Lack of sexual drive also serves as an indicator of depression in men.

Depression is a mental illness that requires proper handling of emotion to help treat it. This may be the reason why most depressed men remains suffering from this condition since it is in this department that most men are weak. Getting out from depression may prove to be very hard especially to men who are naturally not as showy as women. But through proper medical guidance and help, emancipation from stages of depression is not impossible. As soon as this condition is diagnosed, it is crucial to go through several processes to determine your stage of depression for administration of proper treatments. Otherwise, the condition can be made worse.

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