Sunday, January 26, 2014

Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder in Adults

Bipolar disorder is a serious condition that causes a major shift in moods, thinking, and change in a person's behavior. Behavior change usually ranges from low depression moods to extreme severe mania. Cycles of bipolar disorder differ from one person to the other, and can last for days, weeks and months because it is divided into bipolar I and bipolar II disorders. However, one can differentiate bipolar mood swings from ordinary mood swings because manic swings are intense and can hinder a person's normal functioning. For instance, in a manic episode, a person may feel quite restless even after long hours of good sleep. A person may also quit his or her job with no valid reason or impulsively. The causes of bipolar disorder are not clear; however, it runs in families and often occurs at teenage and early adulthood. There are various symptoms of bipolar disorder but with proper diagnosis and right treatment, a person can live a happy fulfilling life.

Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder in Adults can occur together with symptoms of depression and in such a situation, it is often referred to as mixed episode. Patients will experience poor judgment and low self esteem. As a result, one may feel sensitive over a particular issue and even cry. Euphoria and extreme optimism are also evident in patients suffering from the disorder. The patient will have racing thoughts and an aggressive behavior. When disturbed, a patient may be violent. He or she will often feel agitated over petty issues which never irritated him in the past. You will also notice increased physical activity where the patient may get involved in weird activities which requires lots of energy, or exercises such as weight lifting.

Similarly, many people with bipolar disorder will engage in risky behaviors such as excessive drinking and risky sexual behaviors. They will often make poor financial choices and engage in drinking or spending sprees such as unplanned shopping among other poor financial decisions. Increased sex drive and increased desire to achieve certain goals are evident in a person who could be suffering from the disorder. Some people also have a hard time concentrating, decreased need for sleep, absenteeism from school or at work, psychosis and poor or dropping performances at school. These symptoms are very evident with mixed maniac while depressive stage of bipolar disorder also presents itself with different symptoms.

A person will often feel sad, abandoned and with sleep problems. They may also experience a loss of interest in many activities at work or school, fatigue, low or increased appetite, and a chronic pain where the cause cannot be established. Many people under depressive phase will have suicidal thoughts, Irritability, anxiety and feel guilty over some issues.

Bipolar disorder symptoms can also be seasonal where a person experiences drastic mood swings during certain seasons of the year. Psychosis may also occur. It is a phase where a person is detached from reality and it is characterized with delusions and hallucinations. A psychotic break is often the first sign of a bipolar disorder in many people. A person with these symptoms requires a lot of support from family members and proper treatment from a psychiatrist.

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