Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Ways to Fight Clinical Depression Naturally

Natural methods to tackle health problems boast minimal or no side effects in most instances. In a world where anti-depressants and other new-age remedies have taken centre stage, it is vital to consider the good old natural methods that still work.

Experts in this field who recognize the goodness of rich natural remedies will recommend natural methods of fighting clinical depression. Some of the proven methods that can be employed are highlighted below;

• Natural supplements; these supplements have been found to have the same effect as anti-depressants only that they have no side effects. There is a range of them as follows;

a) ST John's Wort - This natural cure for depression is highly effective in improving moods and ridding anxiety. It is made of natural herbal extracts that cause the effect. It can be taken in tablet form one each day (as recommended by a health care provider). This natural supplement will definitely go a long way in improving life and quality thereof.

b) SAM-e - The herbal supplement is recommended for those suffering serious or severe depression. It will not come cheap but promises to do its job in relieving symptoms and fighting depression.

c) Siberian Gingseng- This herbal supplement has been known for its action in balancing brain chemicals to improve mood and tackle depression and anxiety. It will be found in capsule form for those who wish to get it.

d) 5-HTP- This is another natural way to fight clinical depression. It is not just known to boost serotonin levels but will help those seeking to loose weight as well.

e) Ginko Biloba- This is another rich blend of natural supplement that is known to reduce the frequency of depression. It has been seen to work well even for those in advance age. It will have no side effects and will improve memory, help people sleep better and improve health overall.

• Diet can go a long way to determine how well people cope with depression. There are foods that will promote health and keep away depression while others will promote depression. Alcohol and caffeine are not popular in fighting depression. Fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamins of all kind will aid better health in regard to depression.

• Support groups- Meeting regularly with other people will allow sufferers who are depressed to connect and share experiences with others. This will help them cope and provide needed support for them to bounce back.

• Getting busy- Employ physical exercises often to fight depression. This will improve blood circulation and ensure the body receives the vibrancy and relaxation.

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