Sunday, January 5, 2014

Get Rid Of Depression: Qibounding Relieves Melancholic Depression Symptoms

Do you have melancholic depression symptoms? You can get rid of depression by Qibounding. Discover how others have used this soft bounce rebounder to remove the sadness, inertia, nervousness, and low confidence levels that plague you when you're depressed.

Did you know that every month, thousands and thousands of people search for painless ways to commit suicide or the best way to commit suicide? These people are looking for a way out because they can't stand being depressed anymore. You may be one of these people. If you are, don't give up! You can feel good again.

I know this from personal experience. Twenty years ago, I was minutes from committing suicide. I stopped because I couldn't leave my beloved dog behind. After that, I went looking for the best ways to relieve depression. And I found them.

One of them is rebounding. And if you're going to rebound, Qibounding is the way to go.

People who have discovered Qibounding (which is using a mini trampoline called a Qibounder) have described the exercise as a "joyful experience" and a "miracle cure" for being in the midst of the dark cloud of depression. More scientifically, researchers have discovered that the body produces a rather large amount of serotonin during rebounding. This is what creates the chemical changes in your brain that allow you to feel better.

This isn't a placebo. There's scientific evidence to prove the impact of this type of exercise on depression.

Can it really be this easy to lift your mood out of the cellar?

My own experience and that of a friend and others I've talked to says, "Yes!"

I no longer suffer from the severe depression that nearly drove me to suicide. By using a combination of energy healing, meditation, and exercise (walking and rebounding), I've removed the "black dog" of depression from my life. But I do sometimes experience some milder symptoms. A few minutes a day on the rebounder truly does lift my mood.

A friend picked up a rebounder at a garage sale. She bought it for exercise. But it pulled her completely out of a deep depression she'd been in for months. She was amazed.

She's talked to others who have bought rebounders and had the same results. And here's what a Qibounder said on the Bellicon (the maker of this rebounder) site: "I battle periodic depression and found myself at a low point after a build up of life events. I happened upon a blog that talked about the benefits of rebounding to the lymphatic system and for depression. I began my research on rebounders and luckily found QiBounding!....Rebounding has truly changed my life! I cannot believe how happy it makes me."

See? You can get rid of depression and put melancholic depression symptoms behind you. Just start Qibounding!

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