Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Bipolar Disorder - Why Manic Depressives Need Health Insurance

People who are suffering from bipolar disorder are not exempt from the other problems of life. Like everyone else, they are experiencing unemployment, bankruptcy and other factors that determine what type of healthcare a person can receive. However, unlike most others, manic depressives have a disease that requires medical attention. But for those without health insurance, there are two schools of thought. There are those that pay cash for their healthcare, and then there are those that do nothing. Both parties are not making the best decisions for their well-being, whether it's in regard to their mental health or their financial portfolio.

The worst consequences are for those who do not seek any form of medical care. This is particularly the case when a person's bipolar disorder goes through a down phase. When this happens, a person experiences a myriad of mental problems ranging from depression to psychosis. If psychosis happens, a person could end up doing something irrational. Sometimes it might be as minor as going on a spending spree; other times it could involve actually harming someone. Then there are cases where psychosis and depression lead to a person's suicide. With proper medical care, these things are less likely to happen because sufferers are taking psychiatric drugs and/or participating in behavioral therapy.

What about manic depressives who pay cash for their medical care? Well, by doing this they are avoiding some of the more devastating consequences of bipolar disorder. However, at the same time they are losing money. A monthly visit to a psychiatrist can cost over $100. Psychiatric drugs can cost hundreds of dollars for just one bottle. Emergency room visits can run in the thousands. Unless a person is financially well-off, at some point the cost of managing their disease could become more than what they can handle.

For all these reasons, manic depressives need to find health insurance that covers bipolar disorder. If they cannot get what they need through group coverage, their best bet would be to conduct extensive research on every healthcare provider in the U.S. Sites offering health insurance quotes are the best way to do this. No phone calls or paperwork are needed with these networks. Instead, a person fills out their information on an online form and from there the results are returned instantly. If a person does this enough times, eventually they will find a provider that can cover their condition.

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