Friday, January 10, 2014

The Dangers of Teenage Depression and Common Causes

Depression affects us all and that can be quite a scary fact because some of us have no idea that we are affected by depression in the first place. The thing is, it is much more common within adolescence and teenagers because they are at the stage when the body goes through a whole host of changes emotionally and physically, and they are not mentally developed nor grounded to fully understand the changes within them. But since change is normal, depression is then normal for most teenagers but there is some cases where the changes is so extreme; that they are unable to cope with these drastic changes and thus become depressed.

When this happens, you as a parent or you as a teenager would need to be aware of the causes of these teenager depression. They will usually be centred around the traumatic events like deaths, or movements from home towns or even abuse. Because each teenager is different, they will have different ways of coping with these problems and some of these teenagers will not be able to handle these explosive events. Because of the amount of emotions that they will be experiencing, they will be floundering in these deep waters and ultimately drown in their own depression. In recent studies, one of the most common problems that cause teenage depression is the fact that parents get divorced around the age when teenagers reach puberty. There also has been studies to the fact that some teenagers are much more prone to being depressed.

So, when you have a small suggestion that your child is having adolescent despair, see to it that he is not absent single-handedly for too extensive a time. The cause for this is that they have a high jeopardy of executing suicide-in anticipation of aid. Suicide is a widespread ideation in all psychologically miserable persons. It is consequently significant that parents be acquainted with and appreciate the dissimilar grounds of adolescent depression. The reasons of adolescent depression are so diverse that it can discriminate against anybody at anytime. Not only death, there are many other problems that can develop with acute depression and this can be acute anger, acting out, malnutrition - which would lead them to lash out and find ways to dull the pain of depression, which could be drugs and alcoholism. So you need to be careful and tread carefully when you do know that your child is suffering from depression.

Make an appointment with a doctor and he or she will prescribe some sort of anti depressants and drugs that will help. If the depression is very acute and has reached the levels of clinical depression, then therapy with a psychologists would then be important to turn things around and give them back the happiness that all teenagers should have. Always act early and watch the behaviour of your teenager or adolescent kid. This way, you can protect them from the dangers of teenage depression.

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