Saturday, January 11, 2014

Natural Instant Relief From Anxiety, Depression and Negative States of Mind for Your ASD Child

If you are a parent or carer of an ASD child, then you know all too well that Aspergers / Autism Spectrum people may have severe episodes of anxiety, anger, despair, depression or similar, negative states of mind. This is compounded by the fact that, frequently (though not always), the mental state is an emotional reaction to feedback from the outside world. There is a tool that will help you empower your child and give him or her instant relief from the grips of these emotional states. It's called EFT.

Like most parents, you probably want to assist your ASD child in learning to be independent. You want your child to go on to lead a fulfilling life. In this case, you must teach your child coping strategies that s/he can take with him or her into adulthood to deal with negative states of mind (and the situations that cause them) as they arise.

These extreme, dark mental states are destructive! If they are repeated frequently, they reinforce themselves with each episode and will eventually become a negative, limiting belief which will erode your child's self-esteem. The limiting belief will anchor itself to your child and accompany him or her throughout life.

Furthermore, if perpetuated over a significant period of time, these states of mind can actually change the chemistry in the brain, which can lead to clinical depression and other chemically-based mental health issues.

Good news: there is an extremely simple tool you can begin to use immediately to give your child instantaneous relief from the anguish caused by these difficult states of mind. Better news: there is absolutely no cost to you for learning it. It's called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

About EFT:

  • EFT works on the same pressure points discovered millennia ago in the ancient east and widely used today in therapies such as acupuncture.

  • EFT involves gently tapping on these pressure points with the tips of the fingers. It couldn't be easier, safer, more accessible or more risk free than this.

  • EFT is based on the premise that emotional trauma happens in our bodies, not just our minds. This is certainly true given the fact that all emotions are chemical reactions governed by the brain. These chemicals (peptides) are secreted into the body and they dock onto our cells and may stay there if the emotion is not processed properly. In other words, your body "remembers" the trauma and holds onto it on a physiological, biochemical level. EFT helps your body to release the "memory".

  • Gary Craig, the founder of EFT, is a Stanford graduate. EFT may sound "woo-woo", but its creation is based on scientific thought.

  • Gary Craig has always offered the basic knowledge and teachings of EFT free of charge. His intention is to help humanity. This is not a gimmick or a get rich quick scheme.

Why Try EFT With Your Child:

  • Because it works! I taught this technique to my (now 20 year old) Aspie in his late teens and he still uses it today. EFT has helped my children (and me) with everything from deep sadness and depression to hiccups.

  • Because it will make your child laugh with you and distract him or her from the trauma. Even if you don't believe EFT really works scientifically, try it for the fun of it! It tickles a little and feels silly.

  • Because it is a technique your child can learn and take into adulthood. This is a gem of a technique that deserves a central place in the repertoire of coping skills your child will need to blossom fully into his or her potential.

  • Because it will empower your child to know that s/he can gain some control over a thought process that feels as though it is hijacking his or her emotions.

  • Because it can help you too! Let's face it, it's devastating for us too when we see our children suffer. Do EFT together with your child. Make a game of it

  • Because there is even an "emergency" version of EFT for difficult behavior and meltdowns.

Learn this wonderful and easy technique for free or simply read more about EFT by visiting the website Click on the link and then choose "About EFT" or "Learn EFT" in the menu on the left of the website homepage.

For the record, I don't use EFT to try to "cure" my children of their Aspergers / Autism Spectrum Disorders. I don't want to "cure" them - I believe autism should be celebrated, not cured. However, I am all for "treating" the difficult aspects of autism to make life easier for the ASD person and his or her loved ones.

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