Thursday, December 26, 2013

What To Do When You Lose Your Mojo

Have you ever had that feeling in your life when nothing is working? You're feeling down, people you thought were on your side are suddenly against you? You feel the whole world is against you? Unless you are a manic depressive hopefully this only happens once in a blue moon. What do you do when this happens? This exercise is not for people who are depressive and are on medication for their depression. This is for those times when we have lost it for a few days, our confidence has gone. You know you will go back to your old self soon but it's shit feeling that way you do just now. This exercise should help.

Depending on how deep the mojo losing has gone there are steps you can take to get the mojo back.

It all starts at the start

Recognise when the mojo losing feeling started. Usually there is a trigger event that starts the snowball rolling and the downward spiral of feelings. An example trigger would be falling out with your partner, loss of a job, a failed exam something big but not huge.

Go back to the last known good configuration. This is a computer term meaning that if something goes wrong with a program, revert to a time when it was working okay. It involves going back, in your mind, to the last time you felt good about yourself and the world. This involves visualising yourself in the time when you felt good. Use your mind to the full, get the feelings back, and get the smell, touch, taste, and sounds back. If you can do this a few times a day for the next few days you will see a dramatic difference in the way you feel.

Thank yourself This is important. Feeling down for a few days is not a good feeling, however it reminds us how good our life really is. When we are in the black cloud of feeling down the world is not a good place, when the cloud disappears the sunshine is back. This is the time to thank yourself, thank yourself for your life (it is you who is creating it).

When I do exercises like this it further strengthens my belief that we create, in part, the world around us. If we can control our state of mind we can, effectively, control the world.

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