Thursday, December 26, 2013

Are Psychotic Diseases a Reality?

The understanding of Human Functioning is very complex and due to the very nature of these very complicated combinations of different criteria; it makes it impossible for us to be compared to any "social norm". Social norms are the basic doctrine of the psychological fraternity. We certainly have common or similar behaviour, but the critical inner feelings and reactions to different environments are all uniquely different.

It is therefore totally unrealistic to believe that we can be classified as normal or abnormal and totally impossible to determine a "social norm" scientifically. We are all uniquely different and function from different points of departure. We all have unique finger prints, DNA, looks, voices, hair, and behaviour. So which one of us are normal? Is there any scientific document that can determine a "Norm"? Is there any DNA or fingerprints which can be described as normal. Research has proven that many people have similar looks or trends but the reality is that everyone is undoubtedly uniquely different. The fact is that all of us should appreciate that uniqueness, because in that uniqueness brings very high value. Every individual is irreplaceable.

I am not attacking or trying to discredit anyone's doctrine at all, but I am certainly committed to bring peoples attention to the fact that millions are being exploited, through very carefully designed marketing techniques and strategies. Most these techniques are being presented by the so called experts and many people except the experts advice as truth.

Be that what it may, let me now prove my case through scientifically proven evidence. The scientifically researched data below should help millions of people to stop and think and I urge every person that is taking psychotropic drugs to research the facts for themselves.

Of course people get depressed, have stages of anxiety, feel insecure, etc. However, I will present you with proven scientific facts that prove people do not have mental disorders or diseases but are experiencing part of everyday "life challenges" We are not mental when we all happen to suffer from different negative functioning criteria from time to time. Are we all infected with mental disorders or diseases? That is what Psychiatrist want us to believe. It simple is not true.

Let us start from the very beginning again by asking the following questions;

1. Where is the starting point or ending point when quantifying human behaviour if everyone is uniquely different?
Answer: That has become a million dollar question as the sciences prove that we are uniquely different and therefore it is not possible to create or classify a person into a segment where a "norm" can be justified scientifically.

2. Can any Psychotic disease be tested through any scientific test or pathological examination?
Answer: Any pathological disease is an organism that can be found through blood testing, X-Ray or scan. Not one psychotropic disease or disorder can be detected through pathological examination.

3. So how does one determine that a person is suffering from disorders (diseases) such as; Bipolar, Manic Depression Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder, etc, etc.?
Answer: There is not a single test, X-Ray or examination that can determine any psychotic disease.
All these diseases are invented by psychiatry and all these diseases are diagnosed through the Diagnostic Statistical Manual IV. Over 370 diseases without one having any scientific background or evidence to prove such mental disorders exist.

So why are their millions of people diagnosed with these diabolical diseases or mental disorders? The mental health experts often say that people have a chemical imbalance such as serotonin or endorphins in the brain, yet there is not one single test to proof their claim. Can this be true? Absolutely!

Unlike drugs such as insulin that corrects a measurable proven imbalance in the body, the Psychotropic medications have no visible or measurable physical abnormalities to correct. One can clearly see the effect of bacterial evidence on an X-Ray, but there is no physical evidence of any psychological disorders either in the blood or any other means.

Conclusion: Without a doubt no behaviour can be described as a mental disorder or disease and the Mental Health Sciences are all about power and certainly not about science or your or my health. The drug manufacturers and psychiatric industries are bed partners and are a very powerful and a very forceful industry.

The reality is that the Psychiatric industry have millions of people around the world believing their industry is a medical science. This is simple untrue but give credit where credit is due they are the worlds best marketers.

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