Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Refuse to Feel Desperately Unhappy - Anxiety and Panic Attacks Under Control!

Treating depression and panic and anxiety attacks is serious business for the families and sufferers of these life sucking conditions.

"Sick patient heal thyself." Often that's what you're asked to do when you are suffering from panic and anxiety attacks. Just get over it. What's wrong with you? Can't you see your fear is irrational? Of course, if you could figure out how to "just get over it" you would. You're still trying to figure out if your problem is mental or physical. Yes, I know when your problem first started it probably had something to do with some fear, trauma, grief, or loss. Now you have been pestered by panic and anxiety attack symptoms for months or maybe even worse years; now the physical symptoms have superseded the original problem and have become uncontrollable.

For depression, it's just the opposite. You're not bothered by uncontrollable body movements. You might even welcome the change of over stimulation in your life at this point. You seem to be shutting down uncontrollably.

Some might have you think that being depressed is some kind of crime. If your dog died, you would be depressed about that-You loved that dog; here's a horrible thought, what if a close relative died. Certainly, that's a justifiably reason to feel a little down, don't you think. You bet these are good reasons for you to feel depression and or be suffering from panic and anxiety attacks. Gee whiz, you're not bullet proof and you don't wear a cape. Don't beat yourself up about the way you feel and don't let others kick you around either.

There is a stopping point to depression and anxiety and you will have to reengage in that process. If you are feeling suicidal or you've gotten to the point where you can't leave your house, it's time to get professional help. You see, part of the problem with depression is inertia. Doing nothing or doing the same thing over and over again. You have to make a commitment to move on to the next step and that next step means changing your processes.

Anxiety and panic attack sufferers you don't have an inertia problem, but you do have an internal conversation problem that you share with depression sufferers. Now, both of you can learn this next lesson and change how you feel instantly. You can learn to use your body to change your emotional state by moving it.

Test this next step immediately!

When I say MOVE I literally mean MOVE your body. You see the fastest way to change how you are feeling (your state of mind) now is to change how you move your body. No, this won't cure your depression or anxiety attacks on the spot; it will change how you feel right now.

Your emotions are directly influenced by how you move (your motions) your body. It's hard to go for a brisk walk and feel depressed; endorphins' are released in your blood stream and you start to feel better. If you are watching your favorite sports team play and you jump up, clap your hands and shout at the other team, your mental state will change and adapt to your current physical movements.

If you are depressed, change your state immediately by sitting or standing straight, hold your chin up, keep your gaze focused, unfold your arms and legs, and breathe deeply from your diaphragm. Imagine you have a million bucks in your bank account and sit or stand as if you did. These body movements take you from depressed to confidence.

Anxiety sufferers you have a different problem. When you feel the symptoms come upon you don't shrink from them. That's part of the problem. Say to yourself "bring it on, I'm not afraid of you anymore" and then wait it out. Remember to as best you can stay relaxed, and focus on the symptoms, become curious and ask yourself questions about the symptoms. This changes your internal conversation from "oh no what am I going to do now" "here it goes again" "I need to get out of here". By adopting a curious or confident posture you immediately change the impact of the symptoms.

This is simply a coping tool to use to shift your emotional state temporarily. The real battle for recovery is the one between your ears. You have created a pattern of internal conversations that keep you in a depressed or anxious state of mind. You don't believe you can undo your mental state and you may also believe your circumstances are more powerful than your own abilities.

You're not alone and this is not uncommon, even if you're not depressed or suffering from panic or anxiety attacks. There are simple techniques that have been working for more than forty years; they use to be available only to the few that could afford to go to a professional psychologist or psychotherapist. You can learn and apply these techniques in the comfort of your own home. You don't have to wait any longer. Don't be afraid to make the commitment to get better.

To your health

Consult your doctor about any diagnosis or medical treatments you may need and do not stop taking any medications before discussing it with your doctor.

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