Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Anxiety and Depression - Symptoms and Effective Natural Remedies

We all have feelings and emotions. Feeling of fear and nervousness are very common when we face challenges and risks of life. These feelings serve us well most of the time.

But when these feelings exist all the time or when their presence prevents us from enjoying the challenges and risks of life then they become a problem. This leads to diseases like Anxiety and Depression.

If you have anxiety or depression, you may feel hopeless, helpless, and sad and stop feeling pleasure from almost everything you do. You may feel down in the dumps or discouraged. You may also be irritable or anxious or have low energy levels. Other symptoms includes...

  • Racing heart

  • Shortness of breath or sensation of choking

  • Sweating

  • Dizziness

  • Thinking a lot about death or suicide

  • Headache and stomachache (These symptoms are not because of any physical cause)

  • Change in eating and sleeping habits

  • Think and speak more slowly than normal

  • Faded face

  • Fear of losing control, going crazy or dying

Anxiety and Depression limits your performance, limits your willingness to participate at all social events. They affect your thinking, feeling, behaviour and even the physical health.

Anxiety and Depression are closely related. Most who suffer from anxiety suffer from depression at some point. One condition tends to aggravate the other.

Good news is both depression and anxiety have natural remedy.

Effective Natural Remedies

  • Learn and Practice to replace the question 'What if?' with 'So what!'
    When you have depression and anxiety, you always expect disaster which is not realistic and you always ask yourself a single question i.e. 'What if I fail?'
    This negativity is the main reason for depression and anxiety. So replace your negative thoughts with positive thoughts and learn 'So what!' approach.

  • Do what you are afraid to do! And Do them again and again!
    Get your calendar and build a task list. List all things (events) that make you feel nervous or fearful and do them! Yes, do them! Prove to yourself that the world will not come to an end. Do them regularly and repeatedly. This approach will build your self esteem and eliminates the nervousness and fear.

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